How To Market Online With Video

by Stephen Poff

Adding a professional video to your business website can greatly increase your conversion rate. That is to say that with a professional video you can convert more of your page views into actual sales. A professionally produce video production of your company is now a necessity in today’s world.

A video production company can produce a sales video, marketing video, promotional video or an online marketing video for your company. They can shoot the video in their studio using a professional spokes person to represent your company. This virtual spokes person can pop up when a person views your website. It helps to engage the viewer, to draw them in and to keep them interested in your website. Rather than letting the viewer just read a page of boring text, you can add an exciting and professional video production to your website to increase your sales. The spokes person can be filmed with a green screen and then any background can be dropped in, including photos or video of your business or products. It doesn’t even matter if you are in another state, the right video production company can produce the website video completely electronically online through emails. The best part is that prices start at just $ 500.

Having your business promotional video on You Tube is also very important, to help bring you up in the search engines. Google owns You Tube and when you have a video on You Tube the Google search engines like you better. How many times have you done a Google search and You Tube videos come up? All the time right? You tube is now the 2nd largest search engine 2nd to Google. When you add your business video to You Tube you can add in Key words to help your video to be found easier. Having a professionally produced video commercial of your business is very important, so that your company will be portrayed in a corporate professional manner.

A low quality video will only hurt your image. A company video producer of online website videos can help you design a professional high end corporate video production that will capture the viewers’ attention, keep them interested and ultimately purchase from your company. A video on your website can be informative, answering questions about your product or service. A professional video can also instill confidence in the viewers mind about your company’s product or service. Let’s face the bottom line is about conversion to sales. A video can do exactly that for your company’s sales

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