How To Pick Camera Accessories

by Casey Stinnett

One of the most confusing aspects of buying a camera are determining what accessories to buy with it. It can also be difficult to find accessories that fit your camera, as most digital equipment requires the use of compatible accessories.

The prices of camera accessories can also vary, depending on the make and model of your camera. Some cameras use high grade materials, which are more expensive, while others use low grade material, which tends to be less expensive.

Common Camera Accessories

The most common digital camera accessories that buyers can find in the market are the lenses. These come in several focal lengths. These focal lengths are the basis that camera buffs and photographers use to shoot at a certain distance or a certain angle. The ranges are usually 21 mm and below and up to 300 + mm. 21 and below mm can shoot at a very wide angle whereas the 300 + can shoot objects at very close range.

Flashes are also common camera accessories that are essential for indoor and dark photo shoots. These devices are used to momentarily emit a surge of light, enough to illuminate the dark area being photographed.

Most cameras come with an electronic flash that suffices for most indoor pictures but in some cases, the flash that comes with the camera is not enough. Some cameras are equipped for additional flashes that can be bought after market.

Another common piece that is sought after to accessorize your camera is a device that stores the pictures you take. There are several kinds of storage devices and these include:
* Compact flash disks
* Memory cards/ sticks etc.

These are used to store the pictures taken by digital cameras. What people usually do with these are to either directly connect the digital camera to their PC, without taking out the storage device, or to take out the storage device and plug it into their PC. You need to have a card reader to be able to do this and most PC’s already have one installed in them.

Camera accessories also include tripods. These are necessary for a steady shot or a shot where the photographer wants to be included in the shot. Most of the time, a tripod can usually be extended to be as tall as an average person. Other tripods are small and can be mounted on a table or even wrapped around a tree trunk.

Batteries and battery chargers are also necessary camera accessories. Pay attention to the price and weight of batteries when you are selecting them. If you travel long distances or hike with your camera then you will want to choose a lightweight battery.

With any accessory that you choose to buy, make sure that you find one that matches your camera make and model. Also you should shop around, there are many different camera accessory stores with different products and prices.

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