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Shooting flowers is not to replace the lens. Canon 60D 18-135 kit lens can be a good shoot. Shooting the flowers need to macro photography,just before the shooting adjust the camera’s mode or modify shutter under normal circumstances.

DSLR cameras
Canon 60D 18-135 kit lens
Large capacity memory cards
The flash is fully charged
Camera Tripod

Shooting method:

Normally, when shooting a picture of flowers, the photographer can select the plants start growing more distant places, namely the natural landscape panoramic picture taken, and then gradually approaching the site over the subject to shoot close-up, so that not only allows the viewer to understand the flowers around environment, but also allows the viewer to see the amazing detail of flowers.

Depth of Field
To beat a good close-up pictures, you have to understand the impact of aperture on depth of field. f/1.8-4.5 aperture is large aperture; f/11-16 aperture is small aperture, depth of field size marked on the lens. With a 50 mm standard lens, the target of four feet away, with the aperture f / 4 shot, resulting depth of about 6 inches, that is, before the focus of 2 inches and 4 inches thereafter.
If the same distance from the target shoot with f/16 aperture, resulting depth of about 24 inches, that is, before the focus of 8 inches and 16 inches thereafter. Thus, with a small aperture can be more clearly captured the scene.

According to recent focus distance View depth table at a glance, that the use of a small aperture, focal depth is very small. For smaller subjects such as flowers and butterflies on down, with a large aperture is enough to make it in the focal plane. This has two advantages:

1.When using a large aperture, even with a slow piece fast shutter speed can also be used to condense the action.
2.may be excluded from the background clutter outside the focal plane, making vague parts.
This technique is called separation highlight the main focus. This technique is most commonly used to exclude photographer busy background to highlight the subject.

In general, the photographer usually like to use a large flower in the background to capture a flower, foliage so mixed together, the disadvantage of such plants is not well taken prominent subject.

Shooting tips
Photographer to take a good, patiently look around, use a large aperture when shooting in order to better highlight the most beautiful part of the focus of this separation method with a long focal length lens with, will be able to capture the strain of beautiful flowers.

In addition, the flash can be used to highlight the body, leaving a dark background underexposed. There are many rich photographic magazine photo effect used, although this effect is the effect of the night, not very natural. Use a small aperture and flash when shooting close-up pictures.

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