How To Use Video Promotion To Attract Clients And Customers

by Cirano

The mindboggling ascent in popularity of online video in advertising and informing opens a new door that businesses, medical/dental practices and professional services practices ignore at their own peril. With more than 33 billion views in 2009, no business enterprise can afford to exclude video promotion from their marketing plan. This is a low-cost high-impact marketing tool. Used wisely it can attract clients/patients/customers, build your local visibility, draw people to your website, and – most importantly – bring them in your door.

The importance of video promotion in any marketing mix is increasing exponentially every year. It could easily be the single tactic that will result in significant growth of your practice or business. Last year Google conducted a study through one of its subsidiary companies on the effectiveness of video in advertising. They discovered that the use of video favorably influences brand recognition and loyalty by more than three times the rate of online promotions without video. What is more, video promotion doubles the intent to purchase. According to this study (“The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads” by DoubleClick), “Rich media ad formats with video outperform all other types of ads by an overwhelming margin”.

Another report last year from Will Richmond of VideoNuze reported clear numbers that document the growth of online video. According to Richmond, in 2009 there were 33.2 billion views of videos made for the internet. In 2007 views of online videos increased by 39%; in 2008 views increased by 46%; in 2009 views increased by nearly 124%. Growth this significant cannot be ignored. Video promotion should be part of your marketing strategy.

Everybody who works in internet marketing has an opinion about why this huge growth occurred. I am not qualified to offer a definitive opinion as to why this happened or why it happened in 2009. I can, however, offer an opinion as a marketer as to why every business, health services provider or professional services firm should be planning at least one video promotion for online marketing purposes.

— We are, first of all, a multi-media based society. We love TV and motion pictures. We have now raised a generation or two that finds it very difficult to learn when information is presented in a single medium. The marketing community has produced many studies documenting the effectiveness of TV and multi-media advertising. I believe the parallel with online video should be obvious.

— Second, the first rule of marketing tells us that people prefer doing business (any kind of business) with people we like, trust, and know. What better way could there be to try to help people get to know us than through video promotion? Online video offers the unprecedented opportunity to help prospective clients, customers and patients get to know you.

— The third reason for the popularity of video promotion is that it is a low-cost tactic, it is simple to do, and it can be live on a web site in just minutes. If you have a cell phone that will record video, a digital camera with video options or a video camera, you are ready to go. You can also use a video camera in/on your computer.

— Fourth, as the popularity of current television offerings amply demonstrates, our society is hooked on reality. We want to look into the eyes of people who are trying to sell us something and decide whether we should trust them. The only way you can accomplish this without talking to everyone in your community face-to-face, is with a video clip.

— Finally, video promotion is an amazingly versatile option. You can upload a video promotion to YouTube or you can add one (or more) to your website. You can use video promotion to introduce yourself, to explain your products or services, or to personally answer frequently asked questions. You can even use different videos for landing pages or different groups of people.

If you want to make a good impression, if you want to show people that they can trust you, or if you have something to sell that depends on who you are, what you do, or some other uniquely personality-defined aspect of your business, you need to be making video. Video promotion is the wave of the present and the future. Are you planning to ride the wave to significant business growth?

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