HP Photosmart Premium Photo Printer – Innovative Home Photo Printer

by martin_kelley

A lot of people think that having a photo printer at home is simply just a luxury. While it is true that this accessory is something that is not as inevitable as having a conventional computer printer for your files, a photo printer is still a gadget that will definitely provide you with more convenience and enjoyment. Just imagine being able to print your own pictures in the comforts of your own home. It would really be nice transforming those great memories in a more tangible form as you are given something that you can keep and treasure for a very long time.

With the many photo printers that are available nowadays, one is often left with the dilemma of which one to purchase. They promise the same thing and that is to provide you with a good quality photograph. But probably for those of you who love high technology gadgets so much, then the HP Photosmart Premium photo printer will be just perfect for you.

Coming from the long list of top calibre products from Hewlett Packard, the HP Photosmart Premium photo printer is guaranteed to give you the best photo printing experience that you can ever imagine. You will surely be amazed by the many features of this product despite its very compact size. It weighs just about 16.53 pounds and measures 17.99 x 19.33 x 7.76 inches. It has a sleek black and silver finish which makes it so elegant even when not in use.

The HP Photosmart Premium photo printer is also compatible with all types of operating systems and it can easily be installed in just a few simple steps. But apart from that, the photo printer can actually function even without the use of a computer. It has a built in TouchSmart system for easy navigation and control. It also has different ports for easy file transfer like the memory card slots as well as the USC ports. It can be connected directly to the camera or any device like music players and external hard drives. A built in Bluetooth system is also provided for a wireless file transfer. And what’s great about the HP Photosmart Premium photo printer is that it is Wi-Fi enabled to let you print photographs straight from the Internet.

HP Photosmart Premium photo printer also has features for image editing. The printer itself is equipped with its own image enhancement system complete with automatic red eye removal, adaptive lighting, image restoration, and photo brightening option. Such features allow the user ease of use as achieving a perfect photo quality can be made possible without the use of external photo enhancing software.

The HP Photosmart Premium photo printer is also classified as Energy Star compliant. This means that the electric consumption of the gadget is not only economic, but eco-friendly as well. It also has an automatic dual side printing feature to help you save up on the use of photo paper. The cartridges are also installed individually so that you only need to change the cartridges that are empty. Plus, the HP SmartWeb Printing allows the printer to print not the whole web page but only the specific content that you need. Click the links below for the best deals on a home photo printer.

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