Image And Processing Innovation In The Pentax K5 DSLR

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by Noelas

Digital cameras are loved by millions due to the photo quality and ease of use with the internet. Companies such as Pentax, who released their K5 DSLR, are under intense pressure to remain competitive. There are significant improvements and features that will catch the eye of newcomers and experienced alike. So given that situation with the market, that means you will never experience a shortage of innovation. Moving to the Pentax K5, they have made improvements over previous models in certain areas important to everybody. Quite simply, Pentax built upon previous successes and expanded certain functions with technological improvements. The Pentax K5 DSLR represents important changes with processing and capability in the imaging and auto-focus features.

There is never any let-up with design and engineering improvements, and that is what people expect to see every year. The Pentax K5 does seem to be making a strong effort to answer the call to action. Changing and challenging lighting conditions along with almost any other shooting environment can be handled quite well. Photos can be taken at almost a moments notice with the auto-focus design in the K5 which was not present in other models. What will only add to the power of better auto-focus is the enhanced compensation for lower lighting levels. The difference has been reported to be noticeable by users who have put the K5 through some paces. Do not be fooled with appearances in relation to the overall look of this camera. One of the first things you will notice is how quite small it is. But just pick it up and get a feel for the unexpected weight. The weight in your hands is actually a good thing as it is a clue of to all it can do. The K5 chassis is made from stainless steel which will make it more durable. A magnesium alloy was chosen for the body because that metal is tough yet is not as heavy as a non-alloy. The alloy is also preferred in the interest of keeping the cost down. The K5 is advertised as being completely dust proof, and that is thanks to the almost eighty seals used throughout the camera.

The area of batteries and long life charges always seems to be an issue. Even the most prolific photographer will be pleased with how far the K5 will go. Imagine being able to snap 1100 photos on one complete battery charge. Moving beyond that, the K5 uses their own proprietary system, the Hyper-Control, to provide you with even greater functionality. You can choose from a variety of lenses, and some of them have the auto distortion compensation feature. Chromatic aberration control is similarly available with separate lenses, as well. What you will learn, if you read more, is a wide range of engineering innovation in the Pentax K5. You can shoot videos, just like other cameras of course, but Pentax has not included certain capabilities found in other major brands. If you need audio for your videos, then there are provisions for an external microphone. The K5 is not meant to be a video camera, so of course it will not have features normally found on that kind of camera. The K5 has more than enough to keep the typical user busy and happy.

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