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by Aleš87

Digital cameras are a widely availed gadget today. As the demand is really high, you find the market offering you a huge variety in them. Many tend to get confused when they set out to buy digital camera, this is natural given the wide range of providers and types this product is available in. Hence you must first know variety of digital cameras available in the market before you buy one. Cameras are available as per your requirement in the market. The set of cameras serving you need for casual photography have different features as compared to those that are meant for professional photography. Some of the popular kinds are as below –

Compact digital cameras –
These are the most commonly availed models when people set out to buy digital camera. Being the simplest of all they are used for ordinary purposes and are also called “point and shoot cameras”. These small sized cameras are extremely portable, cheaper in cost, however, they showcase less features as compared to the other varieties in the market. Some of the features they exhibit include –
* Images can be stored in computer as JPEG files
* Zoom capability
* Auto-focus system with closer focusing ability
* Low power flashes to take photos in the dark

Bridge cameras –
These are mostly confused for single-lens reflex cameras (SLR). But they do have the same characteristics like that of SLR. Some of the features include –
* Fixed lens
* Small image sensors
* Auto-focus using contrast-detect method and also manual focus
* Image stabilization method to reduce sensitivity
As compared to SLR, this model operates much slower. These cameras are very big in size and have fixed lenses that give very high zooming capability and fast apertures.

Digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR) –
This is a high end camera that can be got at a decent cost. When people set out to buy digital camera, they tend to look for this model too. This model uses single-lens reflex method like any ordinary camera with a digital image sensor. The SLR method in this camera consists of a mirror that reflects the light passing through the lens with the help of a separate optical viewfinder. Some of the features include –
* Special type of sensors is setup in the mirror box to obtain autofocus
* Very high end sensors with crop factors from 2 to 1 with diagonal space from 18mm to 36mm.
* High picture quality even at low light
* Choice of lens needed for the situation and can be easily interchanged

These are a few popular models you need to keep in mind when you set out to buy digital camera. Go through the features well and decide which will serve your purpose well.

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