Koolertron Car Rearview Camera – A Pretty Good Choice

by Wiertz Sébastien

Koolertron Car Rearview Camera – A Pretty Good Choice

Now most car owners think that backup camera is a must-have as it plays an important role in ensuring the driving safety and protecting your vehicle from damage. I have the same view. Recently i just bought a new backup camera as the replacement of the old broken one. Now i would like to share with you this pretty good camera – Koolertron backup camera.

Purchasing a backup camera online is really not an easy thing as there are so many options available for you. After a detailed research, i bought this Koolertron backup camera from an online store called Qualir, which only cost me $ 14.99. Really an amazing low price that you can’t beat! Such a low price also means that it’s not quite so horrible if the camera is stolen, isn’t it? But, does this low price mean low quality? No, at least in my opinion, this is a pretty good camera with a prefect performance for the price.

This is an universal backup camera, and can be used in car or truck. As advertised, it is made of professional plastic material, looks very nice and durable after installed in the license plate. Installation was pretty easy even though i had no installation experience of any car electronics and accessories, and there is no need to destroy the car’s original structure.

This Koolertron backup camera has 120-170 degree wide angle, which offers me a much broader rear picture. As it is connected with the 7 inch in-dash DVD player, i could easily see what is behind my car via the in-dash monitor when reversing and parking. This camera comes with a 1/4″ color CMOS camera, but it is the same good as a CCD camera. Pictures can be seen clearly.

Waterproof and night-vision are two common but great advantage of an auto backup camera, as well as two important factors needed to be taken into consideration when you are shopping for car rearview camera. Good waterproof function makes the camera neither affected by water nor unfriendly weather condition, and good night-vision function makes the camera offer clear rear images even in dark night. This Koolertron camera comes with decent night vision and good waterproof performance, which will effectively increase the driving safety, as well as help reducing the rate of unexpected accidents.

Generally, there is not a lot you can buy nowadays for $ 15 that can help increasing your driving safety and protecting the automobiles, but this car backup camera can do just that. Overall, i was pretty satisfied with this rear view camera. Hope such a good camera is what you are looking for!

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