Learn How Photo Restoration Can Help to Revive Old Memories Digitally

by Daniel Pietzsch

To restore old photos is to restore old memories. Your child’s first day of school, your own sixteenth birthday, your parents wedding- all these are memories you never want to get rid of. Even for those who want to make family trees, photos are necessary. But what if your photos are damaged? No need to get upset. Everything can be restored and repaired in this day and age. By having everything in digital form, reviving old memories becomes more convenient.

Photo restoration is the process by which old and damaged photos can be salvaged. In previous times, a single scratch, fold or drop of water- and the photo was considered damaged forever. They required immense professional skill to be fixed again. But in this age of computers, almost anyone can fix a damaged photo in a jiffy. Almost every computer comes with inbuilt software that can help restore photos. Even a child is able to get rid of scratches and blemishes. Restoration can also be used to add more color to the photo.

Photo restoration is really useful when the original picture was shot in really dim light. Photo repair options can make the picture brighter. A digital scan of the photo is made and all the changes can be made to it. It can even fix the red-eye. Most of these tricks can be performed by amateurs. But some types of repair might require a little professional help. There are many photo retouching services that can help you out with a number of solutions. A good graphic artist can remove people from a photo with no proof left. He/she can also add natural color tones to an existing black and white picture. A technique called airbrushing is used to change the skin tone of people or make wrinkles and blemishes disappear. Photo editing can also make people look thinner, taller, bustier, darker and can even change the color of their eyes or hair.

There are professionals who practice photo restoration, where they can restore pictures with missing portions. First the picture is scanned and a digital copy is made. Then software programs like Photoshop or Adobe are used to fix and restore damaged areas. The photo can be then printed newly and the damaged photo is also returned to the customer.

But the charm of some pictures cannot be fixed by digital restoration. There are many professional artists who work to repair pictures manually. They are usually hired by galleries and museums where the photos are then displayed to portray culture. The process is very tedious. First the paper is pressed and straightened to remove the creases. Then it is painted over. The painter has to be very careful to make sure that the color and lighting match the original picture.

To restore old photos is not a big job, but to make it perfect is. A good photo restoration can never be found out. There should be some amount of grain which makes it look like a photo. That’s what makes your memories perfect!

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