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Camera: Capture Your Best Moments of Life

Who do not want to capture their special moments, and via camera capturing moments for lifetime is quite easy and simple. Yes you are right; Camera is a device to capture moments, images, either still photographs or as sequences of moving pictures. And the sudden boom in the new advanced and high technology cameras has taken completely over the market.

However, while buying a camera one of the most important features that one should look in camera is the quality of mega pixel. As the higher the mega pixel will be the better the photograph will come out. One mega pixel is equal to almost one million pixels, and the definite resolution of the image is determined by the mega pixel of the camera. This means, that as you broadens the picture, you would get less blurry colors and clearer picture. And a good camera will almost always have a big screen to help you outline your subject. The zoom quality is also very essential in a camera; some cameras consist of both digital and optical zooms and the higher the optical zoom the better it is.

Along with the zooming and the mega pixels the another essential feature for a camera is the memory card, as many cameras today comes with a memory card, so always make sure that you have the right and good memory card that could store maximum number of pictures. There are umpteen numbers of memory cards like SD, XD, memory stick and flash card are available and all these memory card works different with different cameras. Choose the size of the memory according to your requirement.

In addition to all these features the next big thing that should be taken into consideration is the lens of the camera. The lens of the camera can be categorized as retractable zoom, fixed zoom, fixed focal length, and interchangeable lenses. The retractable zoom lenses can be extended whenever the camera is switched on and retracts whenever it is shut off. This kind of lens is affordably priced and captures decent pictures.

The retractable zoom lens gives a very compact camera style at the same time protecting the lens. It gives a limited zoom that magnifies three or two times. Retractable zoom lenses however do not support converters or filters and to some extent delays the starting time of the camera.The fixed focal length lenses are simplest to access and are the cheapest. The fixed focal length lens offers only a wide angle view, which is perfect for group photographs or for shooting the landscapes. The quality of the photograph however is not much good, and in comparison auto focus lens, with a selectable landscape or macro focus mode is a better option. An amateur or professional photographer may use interchangeable lenses as it can be easily detached from the camera. This lens is the most appropriate and suitable lens for the shooting purpose.

The key point is to buy one that fits you and the purpose for which it is intended and capture the best moments. The best camera will be the one that you will enjoy.

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