Move Up To The Nikon D5100 As An Entry Level SLR Camera And Increase Your Photography

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by christianyves

Have you been bitten by the photography bug? Have you ever cast envious looks at a photographer with an SLR (single lens reflex) camera?

Perhaps you currently have a straightforward point and shoot camera?

You may possibly have taken some photographs, and you are happy with the final results but want to improve your photography by buying a more versatile camera. Maybe you are pondering of moving up to an entry level SLR (single lens reflex) camera but could really feel rather intimidated?

It’s understandable that you may feel intimidated. I have recently purchased the Nikon D5100 SLR camera and counted on it no fewer than 19 buttons and dials! I can comprehend it if you were to ask yourself, ‘What on earth are all those buttons and dials for?’ You might then go on to say, ‘Although I would like to move up to an SLR, I am genuinely baffled by how complex it seems. So I shall play it safe and stick with the simple camera I already possess!’ It would be a pity if you believed this way. You would be missing out on the satisfaction of possessing and studying how to use an SLR and, by so performing, becoming a a lot more accomplished photographer.

Right here is a confident prediction.

If you go about it the proper way you will get employed to employing an SLR and will go on to boost your photography.

Here is how!


Here are two secrets which will support you grow to be an skilled SLR user:

1. You can nonetheless take point and shoot photographs with an SLR
two. By pacing yourself and studying progressively, you will master your SLR


With most SLRs you can take point and shoot pictures. So you can hold on undertaking what you have been doing with your standard camera! On the Nikon D5100 SLR there are two settings labeled as ‘Auto’. One particular ‘Auto’ setting will use the flash if the camera decides this will give you a better photo. The other ‘Auto’ setting switches off the flash. By utilizing just 1 of these two settings, you will be able to take some good photographs in most situations.

But what about all these other controls on an SLR camera which look so perplexing?

two. IF YOU PACE Yourself AND Discover Steadily YOU WILL MASTER YOUR SLR

Perhaps, like me, you will determine to purchase the Nikon D5100. You look at the 19 buttons and dials on the camera and think, ‘I’m never going to understand what all these buttons and dials are for!’

But you will be in a position to familiarise your self with what they are all for.

You see, you have, in the previous, carried out this sort of studying activity! Don’t forget your very first day in a new class at college or your 1st day in a new job? There were twenty, thirty or more new individuals, all with different names. You learned the names of the few individuals closest to you in the 1st two or 3 days. You then went on to find out the name of the other individuals, two or 3 at a time. In a month or two, lo and behold, you had discovered everybody’s name! You achieved the task of studying twenty or thirty names by carrying out it slowly and steadily, two or three at a time.

That is how you will understand about the dials and controls on your new SLR.

By undertaking it slowly and steadily!

Do you feel you could handle studying the function of three controls a week? If you could do this, it would take you six or seven weeks to discover about all the controls on an SLR like the Nikon D5100. Even if you decided just to learn about two controls a week, you would master all the controls in ten weeks! So, if you really feel intimidated about acquiring an SLR camera, feel intimidated no far more! Straight out of the box you will be capable to use it by setting it on ‘Auto’ for point and shoot. Then, with patience, at your personal pace, you will steadily discover how to use all the controls on the camera.


Which is the best digital SLR for newbies?

You are spoilt for selection with excellent high quality entry level SLRs, numerous of which have been well received in the photographic press. However, I do not have personal encounter of most of these cameras. I am recommending the Nikon D5100 basically simply because I own and use a single and know it to be exceptional camera.

John Wilson has been taking photographs as an amateur photographer for longer than he cares to keep in mind! Nonetheless, he can keep in mind the exhilaration and challenge of moving up to an SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera after using a simpler camera. If you are considering about moving up to an entry level SLR, verify out why he is so enthusiastic about his current camera, the not too long ago released Nikon D5100.
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