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The Samsung ES55 Digital Camera is easy to use and its functions are easily accessible. It features a 10.2 MP and its sensor captures shots with lots of detail. The 3X optical zoom lens allows you to get the detail in a picture while still standing far away. A large 2.5inch LCD monitor lets you see your pictures before you save and print. This camera has an image stabilizer that allows for clear shots even when the camera is being moved or the object in the picture is moving around. It features enhanced self portrait where it beeps when a face is in perfect position. It also has a beauty shot where it erases flaws in the face before they are printed out. IT has a red eye feature, auto ISO, VGA movie mode and comes in a stylish body.

Digital cameras are becoming completely dominating the scene of photography – for good reasons. A digital camera is much cheaper to run because you don’t have expenses for buying film and development. You just have to pay for prints, whatever you are printing with your own photo printer or go to a photo shop or photo mail service.Buy a good digital camera but not a digital camera that are too complicated or too high priced because the development of new digital cameras goes very fast. For every year you will get a better digital camera for less money.

The first thing to do is to read the manuals. They will help you to understand what is possible from your new camera. Have the camera with you and go over it as you read to make sure you understand where each control is and how you operate it.
Once you have read the manual you should take the camera out and get some shots. Take plenty of shots and play with the settings on the camera. You are getting a feel for the camera and how it works as well as thinking about shots to take.The digital cameras cost nothing to take photos and download to your computer so you can experiment as much as you like.

So, the Holiday Season is behind us. Hopefully, your gifts will have included a marvellous new digital camera that you just can’t wait to use. If you are anything like me, within minutes you have that beautiful piece of equipment in your hands and are snapping away. Stop! This time next year, wouldn’t you like to be able to say you took the most amazing and stunning pictures. Now is the ideal time to learn how to use a camera properly, and invest a little energy into following a photography course online.

Having trouble choosing a digital camera? This article presents all of the things that you should consider before you spend your hard-earned money. We all know that having great pictures of our lives adds so much to our memories of wonderful events that have happened. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace are great social networking tools, but, in reality, most people visit these sites to look at the latest pictures of themselves and their friends. The value of having a great camera cannot be underestimated.

After spending a large amount of time at the mall determining which is the pre-eminent digital camera for us, we at last possess sufficient funds to buy for that huge 7 mega pixel, 12x digital zoom, portable, sweet colored, up to 600MB expandable memory of wonderful hi-speed SD memory array and not to forget, extremely lightweight.

We march to the mall armed with our life savings and lots of dignity in ourselves, when we pass by a new exhibit, an eight mega pixel, up to 1G expandable memory, with built it mic and stereo envelop, video playback enabled, with 22 picturesque modes camera. And we sigh because the manufacturer of this astounding device claims that this is the amazing digital camera yet out in the store.

A top-end SLR (Single Lens Reflex) digital camera is excellent for capturing actions, for photographing in low light, or for producing large images, worthy of being framed and hung on your walls. However, getting an SLR would be an over-kill if all you want to do is take postcard-sized pictures for a family album.

Most of us will opt for a decent snapshot camera, because they are cheaper and easier to use and to carry around. Always opt for the highest end compact camera you can afford. Not only because that will enable you to take good images of sports events, wildlife or more creative images of everyday event. Opt for it even if your ambitions do not go further than capturing the most mundane events. After all, we all want decent photos in our albums, and only higher-end compact cameras will give you a good image quality.

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