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Night time photography can be a bit challenging being on automatic settings on you d-SLR camera but here are some steps to get you on your way to shooting at night.When the camera is on its automatic setting the pictures taken are disappointing with some photos even end up being quite dark.

This is done by the camera not getting it right with camera shake and aperture setting being to low so we need to change this, we can change the setting on your DSLR camera to manual mode this means you can change your setting manually to get the night time pictures right.

There are two tips that can better your photos and they are the shutter speed and the aperture setting.

To Know how to turn on your camera look for the dials on your camera to manually change the aperture setting and shutter speeds, if you don’t now how check your cameras manual for details.

Now the shutter speed is shown on your LCD as a fraction like 1/60 fraction and aperture setting are symboled with a F8.0 setting and there should be a dial to change them.The aperture setting should be as low as your setting will go at an average of F2.0-F3.5, this is the hole that blocks the light when to small or opens the hole to get as much light in as possible so our setting should be a low aperture setting.

Now to the shutter speed is the next thing you need to change and this needs to be trailed, the fraction setting means that it’s a fraction of a second like 1/4 is a quarter of a second 1/2 is a half a second then in quotes symbol is .6 or .7 of a second so try a 1 second shutter speed setting to test your night time photos, If the photo is to bright you can lesser the shutter time or more if that is the case.

The second tip that you need to now is camera shake because the shutter speed is so long there is no way you can take the shot hand held, so the camera needs to be placed some were you can keep it still for the shutter speed to carry out.
This can be done by a tripod, sitting it on a wall or flat steady surface, even though your camera is kited with image stablelization this is no good for night time photography so the tripod placed on a wall were your camera can stay still to take the photo.

But when you take the shot the camera shakes, when you press the button so a timed shot will have to be used this can be on your camera as a setting or a cable button to fire the shot.

Also if your camera has stablelization these need to be switched off because your camera is still this can cause the camera to distort the photo as well with camera shake of something that is not there.

So here are your to tips for night time photography make sure your aperture is to it’slowest and the shutter speed is longer to suck in light in and camera still.

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