Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera ” A Camera with Virtual Horizon Graphics Indicator

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by Noelas

Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera is not just Nikons extremely first full frame digital SLR camera, it is also the worlds initial camera with a virtual horizon graphics indicator. This digital single lens reflex camera has a vast array of attributes such as EXPEED, Active D-Lighting, A/D Conversion and Live View shooting modes.

Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera is an FX format digital single lens reflex camera with a 12.1 megapixel CMOS sensor. It is a full frame camera, which signifies that it has a 35mm frame that most skilled photographers are utilized to. To aid you level your camera in the exact same position as the horizon, the Electronic Virtual Horizon Graphics Indicator was added. This indicator can be noticed through the viewfinder or on the best portion of the LCD monitor.

This effective camera offers blazing shooting speed match for sports and fast-action photography. It has the capacity to shoot up to 9 frames per second at complete resolution. In the DX crop mode, it can shoot up to 11 frames per second. It has a tough shutter system that was tested to 300,000 cycles.

This camera has superb handle of noise. It has an ISO ranging from 200 to 6400 with enhance up to ISO 25,600. It features a selectable expanded variety that includes Lo-1, Hi-1 and Hi-two.

Nikon D3 digital SLR camera is equipped with Nikons exclusive EXPEED technologies. EXPEED is an Image Processing System developed by Nikon to support you attain superior image processing experience. It is a system that enables you to have world class pictures at blazing speeds.

With this camera, you have the selection of deciding on bit depths. Nikon D3 attributes 12-bit and 14-bit A/D conversion. It enables you to decide on the size of files. You can have smaller files at quicker operating speeds or massive files at slower operating speed.

Featuring two Live View shooting modes, hand-held and tripod, you can now shoot even from a hard angle with no the hassle. It has Image Control settings with 4 preset choices which includes standard, neutral, vivid and monochrome. Nine customizable settings have been also added to give you far more color possibilities.

It has 3-inch TFT LCD colour monitor with 920,000 pixels VGA (640 x 480 x 3 colors). This large monitor can provide you with 170-degree wide-angle viewing. The LCD monitor also comes with brightness adjustment feature as effectively as tempered glass protection. It can also supply you with quickly and accurate focus through its 51-point AF with 3D focus tracking and 3 dynamic AF modes.

Nikon D3 digital SLR camera can calculate exposures and white balance making use of its SRS or Scene Recognition Method. SRS has 1,005 pixels RGB metering sensor, which was modified in such a way that it can distinguish the shape and position of the topic. With these features you are assured of more quickly and more accurate auto concentrate overall performance.

It also functions Nikons exclusive Active D-Lighting technology. Active D-Lighting functions as highlight protection and shadow lightening. It can handle light intensity and exposure compensation. It helps you attain the appropriate level of contrast by means of its localized tone handle technology.

Nikon D3 digital SLR camera is protected by a magnesium-alloy physique. Magnesium-alloy is also utilised for its chassis and mirror box. This protective material, with the series of O-rings and specialized seals, can safeguard its components against moisture, dusts and electromagnetic interference.

Author Fred Gagnon is an expert on digital cameras. He has been a digital camera user for much more than 40 years and has worked with many Nikon Digital Camera enthusiasts. To learn far more about Nikon D3 digital cameras go to Nikon D3 Digital SLR Camera.
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