Nikon D90 Price and Features

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If you do not have a $ 1,500 but have $ 1000 for a Nikon DSLR camera, then get the Nikon D90. The Nikon D90 price is currently $ 1,000 – $ 1,300 in Amazon. Now is perhaps the best time to buy Nikon D90.

Nikon D40 and Nikon D60

If you want to take the perfect shot, do not settle for the D40 and D60 and get a D90 instead. The major reason for getting a D90 is for its many fine extra features. For example, it features a depth-of-field preview button.

Another good reason got buying a Nikon D90 is that it makes great photos in almost every picture-taking situation. The DSLR?s Auto ADR feature makes this possible; it is on by default.

What about the Nikon D80?

The Nikon D80 is much more costly than the Nikon D90, but this does not mean that it has superior quality and performance. Although less costly, the Nikon D90 is one great update. Here are some upgrades of the D90: 3-inch LCD with higher resolution, 2 extra MP, choice to get a VR 18-105mm kit lens, and 1 stop extra ISO up to 6400.

What about the Nikon D300 and D700?

The D700 and D300 are tougher products compared to the Nikon D90. They are also faster if you do sports or event photography. But the Nikon D90 performs just as well as the Nikon D30 and Nikon D700 in terms of image quality in good light.

Spending more money for a D3, D700, or D300 will give you more durability as well as much faster frame rates and focus, but the advantages seem to stop there. The Nikon D90, on the other hand, also sports these same features, while also providing great photo quality and terrific LCD screen.

Great features

The Nikon D90 has many positive points that will give you a great value for money. One of the positive points is that this DSLR camera can shoot and record HD videos. The Nikon D90 has an ergonomic handling, and it eliminates the flawed exposure metering of the Nikon D80 and Nikon D40; the flash metering is also perfect.

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