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As a photography enthusiast, I devote a lot of time reading camera reviews and salivating over the latest offerings from some of the best makers on the planet. The guarantee of higher definition pictures coupled with numerous applications all wrapped up in a retro style SLR package is what truly gets me going in these evaluations. To genuinely make your thoughts up about a camera though, you actually want to experiment with the actual thing. This guide will inform you precisely what the camera critiques do not – what the most recent digital camera provides compared to an old fashioned SLR.

The beauty of the SLR lies in its simplicity. For years now, the prism and mirror set up has ensured that we can take a beautiful image with excellent clarity at the easy touch of a button. My most treasured camera in the planet is a 40 year old 35mm SLR. The image quality is second to none and the controls are simpler to use than a knife and fork. A simple analogue light meter indicates what shutter speed you ought to be employing, and the film speed can be changed at the spin of a wheel.

I learned to take photographs on that camera, and as retro as the DSLRs of right now are, I do wish they would ditch the menu and bring out a totally manual digital version. Possessing top quality digital imagery employing an analogue light meter would wipe the floor of all the other cameras in the evaluations. I guarantee you.

It is out of simplicity that I sometimes prefer my telephone camera to my DSLR. Granted, it is a point and shoot affair, but the distortions and unpredictability lend itself the sensitive nature of a film camera. Proper digital is way also predictable. Back when film was still the widespread selection, there was always a sense of excitement and dread when collecting photographs following they had been away for as week’s worth of processing.

Camera evaluations are usually seemingly focussed on the picture top quality of each and every and every single providing. There are even cameras that provide a self steadying mechanism so that no matter how negative you are at taking a picture, it will deliver a crystal clear photo that makes you look like David Bailey. This has removed what was primarily the opportunity to capture a happy accident that badly framed out of shot photo that just had anything about it.

Yet another way the companies of digital cameras could improve the offerings is by removing the delete button. That way, we can go back to a planet where the photograph is a valuable object, something many so known as photographers these days miss.

Dom Donaldson is a photographic professional.
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