Outdoor Wireless Security Camera a Better Bet versus the CCTV Camera

by Historic Camera

Security cannot be compromised. Gone are the days when your property was secure with just a bolt and a lock. These days intruders have very sophisticated ways to break into property and should they get caught they always have an alibi that gets them off scot-free. However, technology has brought a solution for this problem – ‘outdoor wireless security camera systems!’

There are other options like the CCTV camera and surveillance systems that rely on cables to carry the video signal to the recording and alarm system. However, these wired cameras are exposed to one danger – the crooks know just how to find these wires and snip them before doing their thing. They might not be able to get to the camera itself but cutting the cable is just what the doctor ordered for them. The problem with CCTV cameras is that it is easy to locate the camera just by looking for the cable that connects to it. These cables typically run along conduits under the ledge of the roof apart from other places. Fact is, the crooks know just where to look for these cables.

Now with outdoor wireless security camera systems any crook worth his while will think twice and even thrice before trying to tamper with a wireless outdoor security camera. If they can locate the camera before getting their photo taken – crooked bow tie and all – by the camera or another one nearby, they might just be able to cover it. But then again who will risk getting close enough to so that.

Outdoor wireless cameras can be installed in the most isolated locations without having to trouble anyone with cabling. What is more these outdoor wireless security camera systems can be moved around at the drop of a hat? So, if a crook has assessed a location for a “job’ in the coming week he might just be surprised to find that the camera he was expecting to find was not where he saw it last.

So, it would not be wrong to state that outdoor wireless security camera systems are better than their cabled cousins as they offer better relocation opportunities at the shortest of time and cannot be easily tampered with either. The cost of a wireless system may be a little above the conventional CCTV comers but then in the long run they last longer and need lesser maintenance as well.

Outdoor wireless security camera systems are available in many ranges and functionalities. These are available in the fixed type, swivel type, panning model and dome camera. The panning camera is used when the camera needs to scan a wide angle. This panning can be automatically set so that the camera turns with the help of an electric motor and it can also be remotely controlled by the security agency.

The dome camera usually has a 360 angle that it can scan. Whatever the camera being used. When it comes to choosing a security camera there are many times that an outdoor wireless security camera will out perform a CCTV security camera.

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