Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3CK Kit Black 12.1 MP Camera

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by Nik Morris (van Leiden)

Sometimes, right after a long day of hauling a full-sized digital Single Lens Reflex (dSLR) camera and spare physique around an occasion, one would give something to be in a position to shed some of the weight, yet retain the versatility that getting access to multiple lenses provides you.

That is the thinking behind the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF3CK kit. Numerous designers wonder why, when even point-and-shoot cameras have three-inch LCD viewers on the back, a lot of photographers would add the weight and complexity of an SLR technique to a camera that typically includes an LCD, anyway? It is a good query and, having shot with point-and-shoot, LCD viewers and SLR systems, a single can see that the immediacy of putting a camera and lens combination up to one’s eye, framing it and and shooting, has a lot of positive aspects.

Take a extended straight at a track, for example. Even if you position your self in the correct spot — and you are relying on an LCD, for instance — you will discover that acquiring the vehicles you want in frame at the precise moment is practically not possible making use of a three-inch LCD. Initial there’s the ambient lighting circumstances that you face and there could be fans jostling your camera. Second, there’s the possibility that, if you choose a extended lens setting, you will introduce blur or shake into the image. It’s a lot better to have that viewfinder there — and tripod, of course — at specific occasions.

On the other hand, what if you had been in a position to have some of your proverbial cake and eating it, as well, which is where the Panasonic Lumix system comes shining through. For most assignments, if you had been to have many bodies with a number of lens alternatives, you would be capable to set your camera’s electronic specifics up to manage the auto-stabilization, lens opening (ISO number or F-stop), as well as the speed. Since there is normally a way to enhance either the brightness or contrast of the GF3CK’s three-inch viewing LCD, you can then shoot an assignment such as a wedding with a choice of lenses and spare bodies.

The key to this is what Panasonic Lumix describes its MFT method or Micro Four-Thirds mounting technique and 12 specially made lenses, the manufacturer has been capable to not only take the further weight out of the camera by eliminating the mirror and associated hardware and electronics that a single typically associates with a dSLR. By using some fascinating style tricks, the GF3CK’s style team has pulled off a coupe that puts the auto-stabilizer circuitry inside the lens itself even though maintaining the lens size to pancaked down. In other words, as you use the 14 to 140 mm Vario lens with its 10X zoom, you will discover that your pictures are nearly immediately motion or blur-totally free and rock steady and that they enable you to operate in conditions with characteristics that are normally associated with skilled gear.

All of this is jammed into a camera that is really little larger than the smartphones that are appearing on the marketplace daily (most of which also offer eight MP cameras themselves). At 1.three by 4.two by two.six, weighs in at 7.eight ounces the GF3CK is the sort of professionally based, yet lightweight point-and-shoot style camera that individuals are utilised to employing nowadays. No, it does not have the viewfinder, but once you have your specific situations handled by the GF3CK’s electronics, you are ready to go. And, since you have the LCD viewer accessible, if you have to modify something you can do it swiftly, selecting any of the 12 specialty lenses that had been created for the GF3CK. There are also adapters offered for older Lumix lenses.

All told, this is a sturdy camera method — note the use of the word method — since it is all created about the MFT mounts and Lumix camera bodies that have been developed to take advantage of the advantages of the Panasonic GF3CK camera physique and system.

For example, it functions automatic contrast tracking, as nicely as automated face recognition. In this method, if you feel the need to set items your self, you can or you can let the GF3CK handle issues for you.

Further with the appropriate high-definition interface cable installed, you can take high-definition video either in clips or as single shots and display them correct on your higher-definition Television. The GF3CK features, among other factors, complete stereo sound reproduction as well access to HDMI interface cabling.

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