Personalise Your Gifts With A Special Photo

by Daniel Pietzsch

Capture the moment on camera. Everyone loves to snap their family and friends, pets and fun moments. Giving photo gifts is a lovely way of presenting that picture to family or friends, or to give them something to display their favourite pictures in. It could be a wedding gift or anniversary present, a christening, birthday or retirement gift. Whatever the occasion you are buying for, a photo type gift will be so well received.

Wedding gifts are the ideal opportunity to give a present such as this. A beautiful personalised wedding album would be great, especially if you fill it with photos you took at their wedding. These will probably be less formal than the professional ones the official photographer took so a great photo gift to present them with.

If you have a few special photos of their wedding day but not enough to put in an album you could display them in the Mr and Mrs ‘In Love’ photo frame which holds four photos. The ‘With This Ring’ photo frame holds two pictures and is such a beautiful gift as it is two interlocking ring shaped frames. A lovely photo gifts idea for a bridesmaid would be the silver plated Bridesmaid Photo Frame and Keyring Set.

An anniversary gift with a photo theme is an easy choice as there are so many different options available to choose from. The picture collage clock has space for twelve photos so would be a lovely anniversary gift to a couple that have children and grandchildren as it could be filled with lots of family snaps. The engraved clock and photo frame is beautiful. Place a lovely photo of the celebrating couple into the frame and have it engraved with a special message. For milestone anniversaries there are some lovely frames to choose from whether it’s the first anniversary, the 25th or the 60th, most major milestone dates are available.

Retirement presents can be funny and there are many humorous gifts to choose from, but when looking for a retirement gift what about thinking outside the box. The Aerial Jigsaw Aerial Photo of Your Home is a jigsaw made from a photo taken of the post code area of where you live. This would be a great photo present and one that is totally unique. However, if you want to state the obvious then do it properly with the Retired Photo Frame. Fill the frame with a lovely photo before presenting it to the recipient.

For a lovely christening photo present take a look at the Christening Signature Frame. There is space all around the central photo of the little one for guests to write their own messages which makes this gift so different to the usual photo frames. The bundle of joy engraved photo album holds up to fifty photographs and can be engraved with your own special message. A gift that could be turned into photo gifts for a christening is the My Life Story 100 year diary. It is a diary to record different stages of a person’s life, include some baby pictures with this and it will make a truly unique christening gift.

Birthday gifts with a photo theme are plenty. There are personally engraved photo keyrings which can suit all ages so are a good choice. For an 18th birthday how about a ‘Then and Now’ photo frame with space for two pictures, current and past. For twin girls there is a black glass photo frame with ‘The Girls’ written across the top, nice frame for the twins. The same frame is available for twin boys.

There is a 60th Birthday frame for this milestone birthday event. The same is available for 18th and 40th birthdays too. 30th Birthday wishes can be given with the 30th Birthday Pocket Album which holds up to forty photos which you could fill with any snaps you have of the recipient over their last thirty years.

In fact photo albums are a great gift choice. For a baby’s first birthday an album could be filled with pictures from their first 12 months starting with a photo of the first scan picture when in mum’s tummy, the first smile, first steps, first tooth, so much you could fill an album such as this with the list is endless.

A photo themed present gives you so much choice and options. Albums, frames, photo keyrings, books with photos included, clocks with surrounding photos. Make the photo present extra special by personalising it and you will find it gets received so well.

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