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Pet photography can be fun and rewarding. Maybe the best thing about pets, when compared to kids, is their attitude, or lack of attitude. Many people consider Canon DSLR cameras excellence for nature photography, including all kinds of wildlife. Maybe your pet does not qualify as wildlife, or maybe she does, but the same cameras and take better pictures of your pets.

Start with the plan.

In photography, as in most other endeavors, it is best to have a goal in mind before you start. Know what you want to do with your pet. Are you after a comical picture? Does your pet have a melancholy look that you want to capture? Perhaps you would like to get some personal photos of your Or dog with one of your kids, or even all your kids.

Implement your plan.

Your plan, whether you write it down or not, should include the goal, the equipment needed, and the setting. If you need some props, such as pet clothing or hats, make sure it is on your plan so that you can procure the clothing as part of the equipment. If it’s a favorite toy, you should also know where that is before you start. As far as the setting is concerned, prepare that before him, because you don’t want your pet all prepped and ready blog you have to take time to set up photo. By the time you’re ready your pet may be a mess again.

Prepare your camera and its accessories.

There is nothing worse or more embarrassing or a photographer then forgetting equipment or getting equipment settings wrong. You have written down your plan or thought it through thoroughly, so you are aware of all the equipment you will need. Now is not the time to get sloppy. If you need a zoom lens, make sure you have the right one attached to your camera. Likewise if a tripod is necessary, have it set up. But perhaps the most frustrating situation for a photographer is forgetting to choose the right settings on your digital SLR. Take the time to check that you have on the proper mode, you have the right ISO settings, and check to see if you have any other special settings correctly in place.

Taking the shot.

Remain in control of your emotions. This may sound silly, but it is very important in pet photography. A frustrated and excited photographer can easily pass those emotions to the subject. And, of course, you don’t want your animal to be upset or overly excited and ruin the photo shoot.

As you begin shooting, there are two things that will help you to take better pictures. First of all, get down, or up, to the same level as the animal. Taking pictures from above will give you dull an average snapshots. Taking pictures on the same level as the subject creates interest and intimacy. The second thing that will help you is to take lots of shots. In fact you may want to set your camera on continuous shooting so that you can take five or six shots per second. This will give you many more keepers. With pets, simply saying, “smile and look at the camera,” does not usually work. That’s why increasing the number of shots will dramatically increase the number of keepers that you can print and share.

Be patient, and enjoy the experience.

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