Photo Blanket Gifts: The Perfect Gift Wrap

by Pittou2

I was looking online at some photo blankets the other day and they seemed so perfect for this year’s holiday gifts. While my first thoughts were to find some electronic games or other trendy gifts, those ideas just didn’t set right with me. They seemed impersonal, like they would keep people from enjoying their time with each other. You see, I wanted something special that would bring family together for the holidays because, this year, for the first time we’re going to be half a continent away.

It all started when I looked through some old photos, hoping to help us connect with our kids and grandkids in our absence. I wanted to make some kind of gift using the photos, so I did a search on the Internet for photo gifts to get ideas. What started out as a “maybe I can do this…” idea turned into a total solution. Here’s what happened.

Snow, Already?

I was right in the middle of searching when one of my daughters called to let me know that they were having snow, already! Got chilled just thinking about it down here in south Texas. But, as we talked I spotted my throw blanket that this daughter gave me years ago. Realizing how much I loved it, used it and how long I’ve kept it, the lights went on. Photo blanket!

That’s what I wanted. Perfect gift! And no sooner did I start searching online for these than I found some really nice ones. Choosing which one for each person may be the hardest part.

Photo Blankets by the Dozen

One site, alone, offers a dozen different choices just for photo blankets. One example, a photo collage blanket holds up to 9 photos that are dyed into the fabric, not printed or pasted onto the surface. In fact, there were several other jersey fleece choices in several sizes, and all machine washable. Washable is a nice touch.

Personally, I tend to lean toward the plush fleece blankets just because I love fuzzy things. I’m trying to decide between the dyed fleece double-sided photo blanket and the super-plush fleece photo blanket. Maybe I can get them to do it my way, two-sided super-plush fleece photo blanket. Maybe not, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. This is one of those rare companies that have real people you can talk to, and who know what their company offers. So, hooray for personalized customer service, too.

If that isn’t enough, this one site has several woven photo blankets as well. These are really awesome because the photos are actually woven into the fabric as part of the pillow, not dyed or printed. They can include one or a collage of photos, and come in different sizes. I guess my decisions are going to be based on who likes to snuggle together under one blanket and who likes having their own to wrap up in. They even have fleece and woven photo blankets for babies. Now, let me think. Who’s got a baby!

Photo Pillows, Too?

Then it happened. I looked at the right side panel and saw…pillows, lots of photo pillows! Oh, boy. There are just all kinds of pillows in different sizes and shapes that can mix or match with the blankets. Wow! Think of it!. All my Christmas shopping done, in one place-at one time. No fender-benders for me this year. I’m ordering online.

Heart-Warming Photo Blankets?

When it’s snowing this early in the year, sharing a woven or fleece photo blanket donning memories of family members who can’t be there might be the best way to warm hearts and bring everyone a bit closer. Maybe I’ll drop a hint to my kids about that double-sided thick fleece blanket-for me, of course.

Oh, before I forget, you probably want to know what I’ve been going on about, so, take a look for yourself. Printable Memories photo blankets are heirloom quality family treasures. A photo blanket makes a unique gift that will be used, displayed and enjoyed for many Christmases to come.

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