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by Daniel Pietzsch

People are searching for photo editor apps very frequently because people are very addicted to social networks and chatting nowadays. You want to look unique in your every pic. You always take your smartphone with you wherever you go, whether you go to a restaurant or a mall or any hill station. You take selfies all the time through your smartphone and then you upload your pics to social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
So, for people having photo mania, we have made PhotoMania PhotoEditor app. It is freely available at Google play store on your Android phone. You can install this app from there and can easily edit your pics like crop, zoom-in, zoom-out, resize, rotate, etc. You can also add photo effects like vintage, retro, sepia, grayscale, etc. You can get so many photo frames of different varieties and for different festivals like Holi, Diwali, Valentine’s Day, Independence day, Christmas and many more. You can also get HD frames. You can frame your pictures using these frames. You can get different camera resolution ratios and one touch auto enhancement feature. You can create photo collages of your special pics and can share those collages with your friends on social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can also create love collage for your partner using those pics which remind you the moments you spent with your partner. You can also set the background of your collage either using built-in backgrounds, or using your favorite pic as background. You can make photo grids also. There are different grids available in this app. You can fit your pictures in those grids using features like zoom-in, zoom-out, scale, etc. Photo Mania Free!!
There are many more features in this app like you can draw the sketch of any person just by selecting that person’s pic from the gallery. You can also write text on any pic or collage like “Rockstar”, “Missing those days”, “Friends Forever”, “Love you a lot” and many more. There is a sticker store from which you can add funny stickers on your pics. You can also add emoticons to your pics which will make it unique. You can also add color shades to your pics like blue, red, green, etc according to your choice. Just install this photo mania app!!
There are so many photo applications on Google play store, but it is totally different from those boring apps because of its exciting features. One of the best feature of this app is that you can also make memes using this app. You have to either select your picture from the gallery or click your picture from the camera and then you can edit it using different features and then add text to it like any movie dialogue or any funny line. You can also capture any movie scene and then you can apply editing on that pic and add text to it. You can call this app as photo effects app.
So, guys what are you waiting for…… Just download this photo editor pro on your Android phone for free and let the world know how crazzyyy you are!! Photo sharing on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, etc. through this app is very easy. You can easily make the edited pic as your WhatsApp DP or Facebook cover photo. You can also upload it on Facebook and can tag it with your close friends. Your friends will be shocked. You can make love collage and gift it to your partner. It will increase your love and make your bonding more strong. So, hurry up guys and install it now!!

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