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Photo stamps can be a amusing and unique method of sharing your favorite photo with family and friends. You can use photo stamps for just about some occasion and motive, from letters, postcards, invitations to cards and packages.

Photo stamps come in numerous different rates from thirty nine cents for primary class standard to twenty four cents for postcards and photo stamps. Bigger postage charge can be made for packages. Photo stamps price from about $ 17. 99 for a single sheet of twenty thirty nine cent stamps and various photo stamps sites tender a discount when two or extra sheets are purchased at one time.

Various people wonder how the United States Postal Service can inform the difference between a photo stamp and a fake photo stamp. The information based indicia is how the United States Postal Service can tell the difference. The information based indicia is a particularly planned two dimensional bar code on the printed photo stamps between the border and photos.

The particular designed bar code contains facts such as the date of the making of the photo stamps and the software package serialized number. A great deal of research has gone into the information based indicia technology and the end result is that photo stamps are completely reliable and trust worthy.

The size of each photo stamp postage measures 1. 9 inches in width and 1. 4 inches in height and the actual photo area is 1. 1 inches in width and 1. 1 inches in height. When creating photo stamps the most important tool is the photo you choose for your stamp so keep in mind the actual size of the final image when choosing your photo. You have two choices when choosing your photo for your photo stamps you can either choose to catch the photo with the photo stamp in mind or you can choose a photo that has already been taken.

When taking a photo for your photo stamps the composition of your photo is very important. When setting up the shot for you photo stamp, it is important to choose a setting without a lot of background objects, such as trees and buildings. Next, you want to choose a pose that when shrunk down to the actual photo proportions of 1. 1 inches by 1. 1 inches you can still clearly see what or who the photos are of.

When using a person as the oppose of your photo stamp, it is a good idea to just operate a close up of the face. When using multiple people, try for a close up head shot getting all the people included in the photo to lean their heads towards one another. When using an inorganic object for your photo stamp make certain that when shrunk down to the real image size on the stamp that you can motionless make out what the oppose is.

When choosing to use a photo that has already been taken, you wish to attempt to use a editing plan to shrink the photo down to 1. 1 inches by 1. 1 inches to make certain you can still see the photo evidently. When choosing your photo make sure to choose a photo with a mess free background.

You can choose either a color or black and white photo for you photo stamps, you can also apply a custom drawing or plan. When choosing a photo for your photo stamps close up shots that was focused and sharp work the most excellent. When using a custom drawing or design the main thing is to confirm the image will be clear and recognizable when shrunken down.

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