Printing High Resolution Images? Get Quality Photo Paper!

by nicola.albertini

If you want to print high resolution images, then it makes a lot of sense to use a photo paper. Photo papers are specially designed with a glossy top and matte background. These papers produce the same photo excellence as darkroom prints. In addition to this, the papers also come with a very special resin coating which allows it to successfully absorb in and to also retain high quality color details.

A photo paper can actually come in various sizes and types to suit your photo needs. The two most common photo papers are: Glossy photo paper and Inkjet photo paper

Glossy photo papers are available in 3 different types, which are
* Soft gloss photo paper
This type of glossy photo paper provides a pretty low amount of shine. The soft gloss photo paper produces top quality colors and very realistic skin tones.

* Standard gloss photo paper
This particular glossy photo paper is perfect for those who want their photos to clearly stand out. This paper provides adequate shine for photos to stand out.

* High gloss photo paper
These types of photo papers are considered to be the highest quality photo papers that the market has to offer. When it comes to printing for framing or public display, these photo papers are the perfect choice.

Inkjet Photo Paper
There are various kinds of inkjet photo papers, the type you wish to use will actually depend on your photo printing requirements. Simply put, it depends on just how well you want your photos to turn out and how long you want them to last. You will naturally want a really good photo paper that will not allow degeneration or fading over long periods of time. When you want to go shopping for photo papers, these are the characteristics of photo-papers that you would want to keep at the back of your mind. Different brands also offer a variety of options too, such as, matte finish or gloss, heaviness and brightness in order to make your pictures standout.

Naturally, the most vital feature of inkjet photo paper is the weight. Various kinds of inkjet photo paper are known to have the tendency to be heavier and thicker than standard paper. Standard typing paper is 20 to 24 lbs in weight, has low opacity and it is quite flimsy. However, photo paper is quite heavier. A lot of generic photo papers usually begin at a pretty low weight of 62 pounds and a lot of the premium papers are known to have much weight at around 71 pounds, there are even some that are a lot higher.

If you do not have a clue as to how to get the right type of paper for your printing needs, there are websites that are dedicated to reviewing different kinds of photo printing papers. At these sites, you can learn about the various brands of papers that will be perfect for your photo printing needs. All you need to do is to read through the reviews and you will be good to go!

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