Protect And Store Your Digital Camera And Its Accessories

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Whether you are an already experienced photographer and proud owner of a quality digital camera and a lot of photoshooting accessories, or a photography newbie with a compact digital camera, you may think that camera bags are only an afterthought.

Yet, the truth is that after buying your new digital camera, the camera bag might just be the most important accessory. Why is this? Well, you certainly want to be able to protect that camera that you just spent so much time and money on, and you certainly want to be able to carry your new camera around. You also need a bag that allows you to access your equipment easily and helps you organize your other equipment.

There are tons of different kinds of camera bags, so which one should you take is a matter that should be given some thought. It mainly depends on the amount of extra stuff that you will be carrying around, that is, if you will be lugging along accessories such as tripods or flashlight on a regular basis, or not.

You can pick out a camera bag that is carried with one strap over the shoulder if you have little equipment, or even a belt pouch for a compact camera with a few extra batteries and memory cards.

If on the other hand you have a professional SLR digital camera, and possibly a lot of extra accessories such as lenses, filters and flashlights, you should get a more complex bag. Depending on the kind of journeys that you will be doing, you could opt for a metal case, or for a specialized backpack.

In any case, the main purpose of camera bag is to make your camera and kit easier to carry, not more of a hassle. So, you want to make sure that you find a camera bag that fits your camera, that protects your equipment well and that can be carried comfortably.

You may also not need a bag that can carry all the accessories for your digital camera, as you will probably not always take your entire kit with you, but just the items that you will need on a specific assignment or trip. Plus, some items, such as tripods, are sturdy enough to be carried strapped to the camera bag.

One thing that you should not do without if you are getting a camera bag for lots of accessories, and possibly extra lenses and spare cameras, are padded internal compartments. These will avoid that your valuable equipment will slosh about, and will increase the survivability of your camera and accessories.

If you are getting a fabric camera bag, you may need to quickly access your equipment without risking that it gets wet. In that case, buy a camera bag that is equipped with double waterproof Velcro fastenings, or alternatively with covered zippers.

A digital camera bag’s color may not sound like an important thing to think about, but bear in mind that dark colors such as black may result in your camera and accessories becoming overheated in certain conditions in the summer. This is why a lighter and more neutral color, such as tan, is more advisable for digital camera bags.

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