Real Nikon D7000 Review

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by Brian Weiterman

Nikon D7000 was first announced by its manufacturer on September last year. People have been talking about it ever since. When it was released to the market, the response was very positive. As words are spread, from one Nikon D7000 review to another, more and more people are looking for the camera and have it for themselves. Some of them even write their own Nikon D7000 review to share their experience in using the camera. In this Nikon D7000 review, you will find out why people are so into this newest Nikon DSLR camera. When people read a Nikon D7000 review, most of them expect a thorough explanation that is exactly what you are going to find in this Nikon D7000 review. To start, a feature worth noting from Nikon D7000 that you will find in any Nikon D7000 review is how the processor inside it is new and powerful. It is the EXPEED 2 processor. So how good is this new EXPEED 2 processor? The answer is really good. It processes the complex calculation of the camera and supports its amazing performances, both in picture capturing and video recording. As you continue reading this Nikon D7000 review, you will find out why this camera can make an amateur look like a pro.

In any other Nikon D7000 review you can find, the price value of this camera must be said to be a great bargain. This Nikon D7000 review also agrees upon the same thing – that Nikon D7000 is highly recommended for its price value. No wonder its sales rate is skyrocketing. The reason behind it is because of the remarkable features. One of the most important to be discussed in Nikon D7000 review is the 16.2-megapixel DX-format image sensor. Supported by such a powerful processor, a resolution this high is made possible. It is in fact, the second highest resolution that you can find in Nikon camera. This real Nikon D7000 review also wants to point out that the camera is capable of producing high quality images despite the low light. Its sensitive image sensor makes it possible for might hunting in 1600 ISO and can be boosted up to 6400 ISO.

The media card slot is the next thing to be pointed out in this Nikon D7000 review. There are two slots on the right hand compartment of the camera. The availability of these slots is important and can support the fact that the camera produces images in large sizes. One important thing not to be left out in this Nikon D7000 review is the capability of this camera to record videos in HD and the movies recorded is in MPEG4 format. This Nikon D7000 review is not complete without talking about how comfortable it is handling the camera. Thanks to the thick rubber coating on the hand grip and rear of the camera. If you want to experience the magnificent of your photo results and the thrill of using the camera, why don’t you start looking for this camera right now?

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