Reasons Why You Need a Video Submission Service

by anikamonty

Why is there so much video today online? There was a recent headline in “Money” magazine that asked “How Online Videos Can Make You Rich” that referred to servers and bandwidth, but the fact of the matter remains that there is a lot more video online than ever before and the numbers appear to be rising.

People tend to like video better than content online. They would rather watch a video than read content. This should come as no surprise to anyone as most people today would rather watch television than read a book. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that video marketing is so hot. By incorporating SEO into video marketing such as the meta tags and titles, video marketing has a chance to do what other ads cannot – and that is get discovered by the search engines.

And because the search engines love video, video ads tend to rank higher in the search engines than regular content. But you have to make sure that your video is search engine optimized. You cannot just submit it and hope for the best. Chances are that a non SEO video will get buried in the search engines, losing its full potential.

When you get a video that is fully optimized and is submitted to a site like You Tube for viewing, you have the chance of millions of people viewing the video. Because it will rank higher in the search engines than regular content as well as a non SEO video, you have an opportunity to pull potential customers to your video from the search engines. After viewing your video, the same people are likely to come to your site and hopefully, buy your product.

In order to be successful at creating a video, you have to have the right tools as well as knowledge. You will normally pay about $ 2,500 for a video to be created for you in a studio. This amount depends upon the length of the video as well as the content. Unless you are familiar with compression and formatting tools, chances are that you will most likely pay someone to create the video for you.

But creating the video is not enough. You have to then submit it to the right sites. Not just You Tube, but the other sites online that are viewed frequently and will accept your video. There are at least 50 of them that will take your SEO video. The submission may take a lot of time on your part, but is a necessary step in marketing your video.

Once that step has been completed and your SEO video has been submitted, you then have to market your video online. This entails submitting the video to the search engines, posting in blogs, forums and book marking the blogs on social networks. This can be time consuming, but is a necessary step towards getting your video to come to life online. If you do not have the time to market your video, you can get a video submission service to help you with this project.

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