Replace All Your Gadgets With Just One

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by Shariful Arif

A lot of people I know nowadays are carrying almost all the gadgets they have with them on a daily basis regardless of how heavy their entire bag may be due to all the stuff in it. A friend brings her 2-kilo laptop everyday when she rides the bus, the train, when she goes shopping at the mall or just to go for coffee every afternoon at our favorite corner coffee shop. She is so attached to it that she wouldn’t let go of it even if it’s a little outdated. She had it as a birthday present and it has a huge sentimental value for her. Did I mention that it is just one of her 3 laptops? I guess not so there. She owns 2 other laptops which are newer and lighter than the first one she has but she just won’t let go of her first laptop.

Anyway, another friend won’t leave home without his DLSR or his professional camera. We call him a paparazzo because he loves to hunt down celebrities who takes a day off from the lime light and goes for a walk at the mall or some other places that they could relax aside from the studios. My friend just won’t let a single day pass without taking pictures of any celebrity out in the public. Well, I must admit that I am a paparazzo in my own little ways. I find it fun to see famous personalities out in their normal self, committing mistakes, shopping for their favorite stuff or simply eating their snack.

With all the portraits of celebrities that I’ve, I could actually start a celebrity blog that features each and every candid pic I have taken of widely recognized personalities all around town. Maybe I will but not now. I have so much more hobbies to get busy with instead of posting celebrity pix over a blog. I am not that home-buddy variety of person who stays at home spending the entire day in front of a computer. I love to go out, shop, eat and talk. Maybe when I deplete all of your things to do, I will do that but not now.

The camera I have is so much smaller as compared to my friend’s DSLR camera which is so massive that has a really long lense that you cannot really hide while you take paparazzi shots due to the fact you will tell from afar that it is a camera. Mine is very small in size and it’s not that clear when I take photos. I can slide it behind my purse anytime to hide it and slide it back out just like how a spy works.

The greatest gadget ever created is a thing that we all share in common. A superior cellphone with each and every features could give other tools a run for their particular your money because it is got it all. The cellphone that we have sports a neat 5-megapixel camera, a 16GB memory to store all your higher than average quality photographs, videos and mp3 files, a music player that you can quickly manage who have a playlist, a great-sounding built-in speaker and also the most helpful feature that we all find extremely useful which is the Wi-Fi capability.

We can practically leave all the gadgets that we are bringing everyday and just bring our mobile phones. It’s way so much lighter and it’s very compact that you can hide it inside your pocket. Perhaps I would try to do that soon so I won’t have to worry about bringing such a heavy bag each time I leave the house.

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