Samsung’s EX2F SMART Camera with in-built Wi-Fi

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The EX2F is the latest addition to the growing range of SMART cameras enabled with Wi-Fi access. Inspired by the success of EX1 with F1.8 lens, this model is designed to deliver super-bright photography. The credit goes to F1.4 lens, which is the brightest lens in any compact camera. The added advantage to high image quality is the functionality to share images and videos using Wi-Fi. All those looking for portable equipment to capture images, here is the ideal option for you. The device encloses full manual control inside a strong yet lightweight body. Perfect for capturing spontaneous images with a step-up quality, while retaining portability and ease-of-use.

The 1/1.7 inches 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and the advanced F1.4 24mm lens delivers clear and blur-free images even in the low light conditions. The Dual Capture option allows shooting a 12 Megapixel photo and a video recording simultaneously. You can capture all your moments as photo and video.

Some features of the camera are:

World’s brightest compact camera lens

The wide angle F1.4 24mm lens of the EX2F is relatively four times brighter than the F2.8 camera lens. The lens incorporated on the EX2F comes with a Neutral Density (ND) filter, making images appear neutral during over-exposure.

Bright and natural display

The 3 inches swivel AMOLED display provide great shots while consuming little battery power. You can take pictures from all angles with a swivel display. You can also shoot at a very shallow depth of the field, to isolate subjects from the background; thus, create stunning portraits.

Complete control

The EX2F encompasses Full Manual Control as well as Shutter Priority and Aperture modes. The front wheel keys and Dual Dial allow users to quickly adjust exposure. The smart panel user interface integrates all parameters into one display for easy control.

Shooting and sharing from anywhere

The EX2F’s Wi-Fi connectivity provides secure storage of photos to your PC or the Cloud via Auto Backup. In addition, you can share images on social networks or transfer them via email. The Mobile Link opens options for connectivity with smartphones without editing the images or videos. You can also reach the Remote Viewfinder to use your smartphone’s screen for framing shots from different angles. All these functions can be accessed through one touch via SMART LINK. All this is combined in a compact body, which allow you to carry the camera anywhere for spontaneous shoots. You no more need to carry the heavy and bulky DSLR for great pictures.

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