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by “The Wanderer’s Eye Photography”

As a renowned American photographer, Margaret Bourke-White is best known for her depiction of the female role during

World War II. In fact, using some of the earliest photographic technology and camera lenses, Bourke-White was the first

female war correspondent who captured images for Life magazine, where one of her images actually appeared on the very

first front cover.
Then, in the swinging 60′ famous British photographer, David Bailey erected his
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on behalf of Vogue. Not only an installer of camera lenses however, he used his knowledge and skills to visually

encapsulate each glamour model’s natural beauty; he denoted every flawless porcelain feature, portrayed each exquisitely

styled strand of hair and in turn, managed to evoke a whole catalogue of different emotions within the followers of this

epic beauty magazine. In a period of optimism, hedonism and hope for the future, he combined his passion for

photography, commitment to producing beautiful images and visually appealing pictures with the very best camera lenses

and photographic technologies to reign supreme as one of the most notable photographers in British history.
Nowadays you’ve got the snap-happy paps. The cheap as chips photographers who will stop at nothing to get their pics

seen on the front cover of The Star and, not too ashamed to position their camera lenses right up the crotch of a high

street celeb; these are new-age photographers who consistently need to change their camera lenses to meet the demands of

constant breakages at the hands of disgruntled A-Z list stars! Albeit they need to be just as high-spec as Mr. Bailey’s

himself; just to afford to remain at the forefront of their trade; they must make sure they seek not just incredibly

dynamic camera lenses, but cost-effective camera lenses that can be easily replaced at the snap of a shutter.
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