Send Traffic to Your Site with These Simple Video Marketing Tips

by Zoë Campbell

Video marketing is the use of videos to pass on a marketing message to your target audience. This post will discuss the good and bad of video marketing.

When you shoot a video for your own video marketing campaign remember that how you set up your video is very important. You don’t want your video’s quality to be dull. Many Internet marketers forget the fact that people still go for quality, even if it’s free content. If you want the video quality to be high, have good lighting and don’t use a dark background. When you talk about the lighting don’t make it super bright; you only want it bright enough so that the viewers can watch easily. You want to make sure that the background is appropriate; the best thing is a background that is plain white. You might think these details are small but they go a long way to making your video easier to watch. If you are going to appear in the video yourself, make sure that you look professional–it is your marketing message after all. If you are going to film the video, you need a high quality camera. You don’t need something expensive or super complicated but at the same time you also do not want a cheap web cam. The impression your business has on your audience will be greatly impacted by the presentation of the video itself. There are a lot of small things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to creating high quality but you will have to learn those as you go.

In addition, you should also put the keyword in the transcript text of your video because this is spidered by the search engines also. If you make it easy for the spiders to see and understand your video, then your chances are greater for being ranked. Although there are numerous ways to get better website rankings, you have to treat videos a little different because you should pay attention to the text that is close to your video because the spiders aren’t able to read what is actually inside your videos. A majority of your website traffic will be driven by the search engines, so don’t forget to produce videos that they can understand. The biggest reason videos fail to make an impression when it comes to marketing is because they deviate from the main point or are just filled with fluff. You need to make a video that is short and sweet not long winded and boring. Your audience wants to get its information quickly and in small doses–the type of information transferrence (text or video) is not important. The best way to make the most out out of the videos you create is to focus on the benefits of your product. Don’t spend a bunch of time introducing it, just get to the point you want to make. It is important for your video to have a unique selling point and that USP should be given away within the first ten seconds of your video. You are going to face times when you are going to want to give away a bunch of content. Resist this urge because your aim with the video is to drive traffic back to your site. If you leave the viewer wishing they knew more, you’re doing a good job.

Even before you start creating the video, be sure of what you want to say during the shoot. You should create an outline of the subject of your video. Make sure that you stay on topic because you won’t have much time during the video. Don’t beat around the bush when creating content. You need to know the points you will be discussing very well and then you can simply roll with it. Put together a list of all the ideas you want to discuss in your video. In order to get a strong response from your audience, spend a lot of your time in preparing for the video beforehand. Your main focus should be on ensuring that your audience gets and understands your message, which you need to do through your content, rather than trying to wow them with your artistic abilities.

Remember to follow the comments on your videos. This is because your viewers are known to leave both easy comments but also good feedback that you can utilize.

This is a good method for understanding your viewers and building a good relationship with them. You can talk to them through the comments and discover what they are seeking. The viewer feedback will give you an idea on how to produce your future videos and hopefully get more viewers. Also, you will find that a good portion of the viewers that comment on your videos are great picks to form business relationships for the future. So don’t screw up and turn off the comments. You can take care of the spam easily, since these are community sites. So improve the quality of your videos by taking all comments very seriously.

Submitting a lot of videos is a great way to ensure that your video marketing is prosperous. You should upload more than one video, so that you’re able to make a better, longer impact on your target audience. There are thousands of videos that being submitted on a daily basis, so if you plan for your audience to remember you, you have to promote a lot of videos to beat the competition. Besides that, the probability of getting higher traffic increases when you have tons of videos promoting your site or product. A lot of newbie video marketers are not seeing good results because they aren’t taking the time to make a lot of videos. They only manage to set up a few videos, upload them and then ponder why the traffic isn’t picking up.

When creating videos for their marketing campaigns many marketers become much too serious. But this tends to make the whole video boring and uninteresting. Let viewers enjoy seeing the real you. Don’t be reticent when you have something worthwhile to tell people. If you want your videos to be even more interesting then add a little humor in as well. You will often feel that the video isn’t flowing naturally but that is just a mistaken perception. You should ensure that the message you are trying to send your audience is clear and easily understood. Don’t allow yourself to make things too complicated because all you need to do is be yourself and stick to simple stuff.

Yes, the thumbnail gets their attention. Yes, that is right; your chosen thumbnail could cause your video to be popular or unpopular with the viewers. This occurs because many people will open a video that has an thumbnail image that they like. But this doesn’t mean that you should go ahead and mislead them by adding a thumbnail that passes on a different message. Your priority is to let them have a thumbnail that delivers your actual message, but also make them interested. To conclude: video marketing is something that you need to do to understand what we are talking about. Why are you still sitting there? Get to work!

As long as you get the basic elements right, video marketing is one of the most effective ways to send quality visitors to your site.

These may appear to be simple suggestions, but if they are done properly, they could bring you lots of viewers. So let quality rule and not quantity.

All in all, video marketing is a quick and valid way to get targeted website traffic, if you apply it correctly.

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