Shooting In Raw – What Is So Great About It?

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by niXerKG

When you initial get a DSLR, you could hear and wonder what shooting in raw is all about? When you take a photo employing a camera, it usually saves it in a JPEG format. This is a good file format for saving space but the trade-off is that you shed some top quality.

The RAW format is practically like a digital negative. While it requires up much more space on your memory card, you are in a position to retain much more detail in the photo as effectively as alter issues like exposure and white balance soon after you’ve taken the photo. It also bypasses any of the camera’s built in processing so you’re left with an image that is a significantly closer representation to the actual scene in terms of light, colour and shadow!

Some of the most useful items about shooting in RAW are:

Post processing – right after shooting your photo when you come to edit it on the pc you can modify settings that you might have gotten wrong or not really appropriate. Did you below-expose the picture’ Not a issue, you can ramp up the exposure with a RAW file. Got the wrong white balance setting or possibly the image has a colour tint you’re not very content with. You can edit these and a lot much more with a RAW file afterwards

High quality – when you shoot in RAW you are letting the camera take the greatest top quality photos, and not worrying about how significantly space it may possibly take up. This lets the camera take a photo without possessing to perform any lossy compression and means you will have far more information in the photo when you are zoomed in one hundred%. It also lends itself much better to sharpening which is some thing you may perform on your image.

Workflow – the workflow for RAW files is a lot greater than editing with a JPG. There are many more options to non-destructively edit your image, and because of all the additional info the file has about when the photo was taken it offers you the photographer a lot more scope for post processing.

Hopefully these points are reason adequate for you to turn your DSLR image format to RAW and give it a go! You may possibly be surprised at the bigger file sizes but when you have spent a day shooting in RAW and sit down to edit your pictures it will be so considerably simpler to get your images hunting the way you want!

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