Should You Not Buy a Digital Camera Because You Have a Mobile Phone?

by jeferonix

So, why should you and I bother about a digital camera, when we’ve mobile phones with cameras? Well, there is no doubt camera phones are getting popular these days; all you’ve to do is pull out your phone from the pocket, tap on the camera icon, and click the button. But, no matter how mega pixels your mobile camera has, it has no chance against a digital camera; I myself have seen the difference between the photos – one clicked from a mobile camera, and the other one from a digital camera, so if you’re the one who wants best quality images, and are ready to part with some money – say, between Rs. 5,000 – 10,000 – you can easily grab an entry-level digital camera. Of course, the digital camera cost has dropped down in the last few years, so you don’t need to break the bank to shop for a camera. All you’ve to decide is the brand, and the color.

Cameras from top brands such as Canon are not pricey (at least the entry level ones), but offer a world of benefits, such as compact in size, choice of colors, clarity of images, and a lot more. The online shops offer a world of options, and you can easily place order for the best digital camera, which fits your needs and budgets. By best digital camera, I mean a camera which fits easily in your palms, lets you click images in great clarity, and is light on your pockets.

However, before you shop for cameras, you should sit with yourself for a few minutes, and find out your camera style. Whether you like to click nature (like mountains, rivers, etc.), or faces, or just anything, you’ve to find out what exactly makes you click. The second step is to decide on the digital camera cost. Once you’re clear on the camera style, and digital camera budget, you’re at a much better position to wade through the complexity of getting surrounded by hundreds of cameras, and find out the perfect camera.

Do make sure that you go through the user manual before you grab the camera and start clicking the buttons. Last, but not the least, make sure you buy a quality camera so you never regret your purchase. A branded camera offers you a host of benefits, including amazing after-sales service. So, even if the camera gets accidently damaged, you can get it repaired from the nearby camera service centre.

Rohan Sinha has been in writing for over 10 years; he writes informative articles and blogs on the Digital Camera Cost and Best Digital Camera around, rolled out by top brands. For more information on the latest digital cameras, document scanners and laser printers, visit the website.


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