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by Daniel Pietzsch

With a large demand for quality online photo services currently sweeping the whole of Europe, there are many online businesses and companies offering their services, particularly their Album Photo (Photo Album or Photo Book in France) products and solutions. This influx in the numbers of individuals ordering Photo Books is a direct result believed to be part of a rekindled love of the traditional photograph album that many families and homes still have within their book collections.

Understanding this demand for such an affordable and cost efficient way to gather your favourite pictures together and then display them in a unique and tailored way to suit your flair and tastes, many are calling the Photo Book the photo album for the digital generation and photograph album for the 21st century. To make emphasis on just how affordable the album photo services can be prices are exceptionally reasonable starting at fewer than 8 Euros for the level entry Livre Photo and going on up to around 80 Euros for the most expensive varieties.

As all album photo books are completely individualised and customisable, there really is so much you can do, from determining how many pages your book features to the materials used in the cover and whether to have the book professionally bound or any special finishing touches you may wish to use. Designing and incorporating your treasured moments into one of many designs is made simple, quick and effective, thanks to the latest software developed by a few of the leading photo specialists.

Free to download and offering complete control over editing facilities to fine tune your photos that you wish to use, the Livre Photo software takes moments to configure on your computer and is available in different formats depending on your operating system. Once you gain access, you can begin to see the wonderful capabilities presented to you. Having the ability to swap, change, edit and move images to any part of a template page of your choice, you are given the capacity to add fine details of even incorporate snippets of text (dates, times, names of people featured, locations for example).

All of which gives the Photo Book a firm foothold in being a terrific addition to any home library, competitively affordable and professional in the expert finish achieved, each Photo Book is paid great attention, to ensure flawless results are obtained each and every time.

Pixum became one of Europe’s leading photo printing specialists over a decade ago and have happily provided their Album Photo (Photo Album or Photo Book in French) range to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last five of those years. Continually moving forward to deliver the best services for their clients and customers, Pixum are the market leaders who carry on in their determination to deliver only the very best online photo development and printing services and photo gift solutions.

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