Simple Info About Your DSLR Lenses

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by Billy Wilson Photography

DSLR cameras are fantastic for capturing photos that are detailed and clear. There are some people who are questioning why it is such a huge deal to have interchangeable lenses. It does not matter what brand of camera you acquire, as extended as it is a DSLR, it will come with a lens. This web page will give you an concept on how to be well-versed in using your DSLR camera.

1st point that you need to learn about is the kit lens. It does not matter what sort of DSLR you have, it will come with its own kit lens. You will want this kit lens for all your basic photography needs. This kit lens is generally 18-55mm. Photography buffs will attest that it is the lens that is responsible for wonderful photos and not the brand or model of the camera itself. You will have to upgrade your lens once you find that there are some shots that your camera lens can’t take.

The next type of length is the telephoto lens. Telephoto lens can be a great way to capture far away subjects. Investing in a telephoto lens is a good concept considering that this has a focal length ranging from 55-200mm focal length as compared to the 55-mm focal length limit of the starter kit. Relative to the telephoto zoom lens, we have the ultra wide angle lens. A wide angle shot is very best captured with this lens given that a wide angle lens can capture light not just from the front but on the side as effectively.

You have the regular or portrait lens as effectively. They are referred to as typical lens because they are all you could get for an SLR in the early fifties and sixties. This normal lens has a F/1.eight 50 mm lens. A regular lens is also named a quick lens, due to the fact it is in a position to shoot pictures in low light with no sacrificing the good quality. The disadvantage although is that it does not allow you to zoom in on your subject.

You have just read some of the simple info regarding camera lenses. Think about all of these factors before getting your lens, and then you will be in a position to get that perfect photo.

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