Sony NEX-5N 16.1 MP Compact Interchangeable Lens Touchscreen Camera

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by Pete Prodoehl

When Sony went out to provide its NE X line of products the electronics giants wanted to show you didn’t have to be a pro to shoot photos like 1 you didn’t need to have a Digital SLR to get the identical sorts of image and if you preferred to “roll your personal,” using a manual mode, you could do that as well as the NE X-5N shows.

It really is not as if Sony did not do its homework ahead of they decided to bring out the 16.1MP NE X-5N simply because they certainly did. They took a close appear at the Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras being presented and figured that most folks actually necessary a great, adjustable framing LCD rather than a heavy mirror and pentaprism to go with the enhanced processor they place inside, currently, so they did away with all of the heavy stuff.

Oh, they did leave the new BOINZ Processing engine which is about three-inches across and they produced it function with their enhanced 16.1MP Exmor APS HD CMOS Sensor so that even a particular person who has by no means taken a picture in his life can, when he is shown which button to press, take professional quality images. And, if he desires to shoot videos, you only have to show him which red button to push and the NE X-5N does all the work.

Every thing this camera does is automated. For instance, it provides not only full higher-definition imagery and will shoot at a nice smooth 60p rate or a slower, a lot more cinematic 24p rate (fps), but they have put all of this into one of the smallest mid-ranged camera bodies about that permits one particular to adjust lenses.

That is appropriate, the new Sony will deal with the full range of Sony’s interchangeable lenses like the four/three interchange and zoom that is a new feature on this camera plus it will permit you to snap the regular 18mm to 55mm zoom into spot. It will then take completely digital imagery at 1920 by 1080 native mode. This is great, specially if you are shooting videography as you can share it directly with your HDTV through the regular HDMI interface. Certainly, that interface, when employed with a Sony technique, permits you full handle more than the camera.

For the non-experts, the AVCHD-compatible NE X-5N provides you 11 photo impact modes that incorporate posturization (black and white and colour), pop colour characteristics, realistic effects and a lot more, as properly as the PASM capability. That stands for Fully Programmable Aperture, Programmable Shutter or Manual Shutter model (PASM).

If you want to let the camera do the operate,just leave it in automatic and it will deal with almost everything for you such as facial recognition (up to eight people), as nicely as assisting to provide softer skin tone.

One particular factor that you will rapidly understand is that you can mix and match modes with a series of levers and buttons on the rear, even so, if you are like most folks, you just want to set it and forget it (we’re like that a lot of occasions, unless we’re looking for a particular shot). When you comprehend the interchangeability issue and combine it with the fact that it uses the exact same processor that the Sony DLSR actually utilizes, you are going to see that this is the “SLR” for the photographer who wants to loosen up.

There is a strobe mode offered, even though the range of the BIONZ image engine is F/100 to F/25600 (ISO100 to ISO25600), so you can take some shots in some pretty dark places. This identical technology handles difficult backlighting and foreground problems as well.

If you are seeking for a fine camera that does almost everything your dSLR does but at about half the weight and a lot less size then the NE X-5N is what should be in your shoulder bag.

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