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Internet users depend heavily on search engines to look for information, product reviews and certain services. Which is why, for internet marketers, the number one traffic source for them would be search engine traffic.

Traffic from search engines is important to marketers because they can utilize it to connect with customers all over the world for free. One person who’s looking to buy a digital camera would probably enter the camera name, with the model inside the search box, so no doubt, if you send him to website that sells digital camera, he would probably buy it.

If you want your website or domain name to appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo search, there are certain techniques that you should implement.

The first step would be to target a less competitive keyword. Although you can generate more traffic for broad terms like money, laptops and books, it would be better to target one long keyword phrase.

Long keyword term is less competitive, so it would be possible for you to achieve top ten ranking without spending too much time on link building process. Another reason would be the conversion rate. Most internet users who enter a broad keyword term like camera, money, weight loss and books are not looking for products to buy. Compared to anyone who enter model name keywords, for example keyword “Nikon d40 DSLR camera”.

The best tool that you can use would be paid keyword tool like Market Samurai or Keyword Elite. This will save much time on keyword research. However, if you don’t want to invest money on these tools, you can simply use Google Keyword Tool. It is totally free.

After targeting the right keyword, you should optimize your website. If you still don’t have a domain name, it would be best to register a domain name with the keyword inside it. This has effect on your ranking.

Most webmasters and internet marketers spend much time and money for link building. The reason is obvious. Link building is very important to get higher ranking, beat your competitors and maintain your position.

One way would be to post articles to directories like Ezine Articles, Go Articles to Squidoo. The more unique articles that you posted, the more links you will get. What so special about article marketing is the fact your articles will be published in other websites as well.

For example, if you have a website about chicken coop, then you submit articles and tips about how to build chicken coop to Ezine Articles. If your readers impressed with the content, they will copy and paste your articles and website link in their own blogs as well, giving you more backlinks.

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