Take Your Best Shot: Tips for People Who Want to Take Photography Courses

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by Jon Ragnarsson

So you want to graduate from taking snapshots and come up with photographs instead? The two are very different, as most professionals can tell. The first is simply a visual record of anything while the second showcases the photographer’s artistry and technical skills. If you are getting serious about this craft, then you know that the latter is what you want to achieve. You want photographs that inform, inspire or even immortalize a subject.

How? There are many ways actually, but probably your best shot at taking better shots is completing photography courses. The field of photography is very competitive and this isn’t really surprising considering how many people want to become a professional photographer overnight. However, purchasing a DSLR camera isn’t enough to make you one. Just like in any other field, good education is important here.

Mind you, not just any shutterbug course will do. Find one that can really stir your creativity and equip you with the most advanced technical know-hows. Look for a program that includes lessons in lighting, composition and style as well as how to maneuver a camera and other photography tools and equipment. Choose the level that suits your goals, too. Beginners and hobbyists, for instance, can go for the most basic or certificate level while those who are planning for a full-time career in photography can sign up for more advanced photography diploma courses.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ll take the course froma traditional school or through an online learning mode. The important thing is to take a good course from a reputable institution and practice. Keep practicing because there is no way you will improve without taking lots of photographs. Familiarize yourself with the toolsof the trade especially your camera. Go ahead and experiment with lighting. Find new angles. Develop your own style.

It helps to have a mentor too. Find someone whose style or expertise you admire. However, avoid imitating so you can find your own thing sooner. Just use the experience to learn more and stay inspired. Having an instructor or online tutor who is an industry expert can also be very helpful. Aside from answering questions about the course, your teacher can guide you how to enter the industry and how to stand out in the field.

Take volunteer photography jobs while studying and even after photography training courses. It doesn’t have to be inside a posh studio; it could be at your friend’s wedding, your nephew’s birthday party, a family reunion – simply give your best in anything that can enrich your portfolio. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Studying photography should be very fun and exciting. Keep it that way andlike they always say, “you will never have to work a day in your life”.

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