The 3 Easy Steps to Make Movies

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by niXerKG

Do you think making movies need good amount of time, experience and fancy software? If so, then it’s time to think again. The lesser known fact is that if you own a DSLR, a tripod and a couple of lenses such as Nikon wide angle lens and others, you actually have everything you need to find you inner videographer, producing professional looking footage.

Now to help you get a better idea of movie making, here are some simple steps you can follow.

1. Think like a director
Learn to think like a director, taking off your photographer’s hat. A variety of angles and scenes are the keys to the making of an engaging movie with stories and clips. So, you can’t just press the record button and shot films but you need to think in a creative way that will attract the audiences.

Professionally shot films are made of hundreds of short clips that are edited into a short film using computer software. You need to shoot for longer duration, such as if you want to make a two-minute movie, you need to shoot at least for 20 minutes of raw footage.

2. Plan it all
Starting without planning will lead you nowhere. So, before you start the shooting, you must plan everything accordingly. You can draw a rough storyboard to include everything and give your story a clear beginning, middle and end.

Planning it all ahead makes things much easier and convenient for you. It becomes easy for you to start shooting once you’ve already planned. Moreover you become focus on what actually you want.

When selecting the size and frame rate, you must be aware of what they actually do in the movie and must select accordingly. Such as different camera lenses will give you different frame rate and so the lens selection should be based on what you desire. To cut down the cost, you can also opt for Nikon camera lens rental as it will cost you a fortune to buy them.

3. Get focused
Keep the tripod as steady as possible with total focus on the subject. Do not move the camera or the tripod suddenly to change your angle during shooting as this will result into low quality video. Moreover, avoid the temptation to pan the camera to follow a moving object. Instead, let your subject move through the frame and set up a move in one position.
Again, to avoid blurring your footage switch to manual focus once you’re ready to shoot and never refocus whilst filming. In case you want to focus on a moving object. Stop recording, then focus and again start shooting.

Thus, you need to follow certain basics that will help you shoot a video that you’d love to share. However, when buying the products for filming such as lenses and tripod, look for a reliable and reputable supplier who can assure you to deliver quality products. Also, you can for the viable option of renting to save your hard earned money.

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