The Comparison between Two Main Digital Cameras Categories

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The digital single lens reflex is known as the DSLR, and the point-and-shoot digital camera, which are known as the two main categories of digital cameras. These two types of digital cameras both have their advantages and disadvantages. If you want to decide which type should be bought, you should get more information of them. You can make your decision according to what you plan to use the camera for.

The film single lens reflex camera can take the photos though the same lens, this maybe the main advantage that film single lens reflex camera had over other type ones. This allowed you to see nearly exactly what would be in the final picture. In other types of film cameras, you looked through a lens that was separate from the lens film was exposed through. This meant, occasionally, what you thought was in the picture, was not. However, with a digital point-and-shoot camera, you can see the picture on the preview screen and this is nearly exactly what will be recorded by the camera. So in effect, digital point-and-shoot cameras have already gained the one of main advantages that most film single lens reflex cameras had over film point-and-shoot cameras.

While the digital point-and-shoot camera, with the primary advantages of taking extremely small sizes, and the digital single lens reflex can not do like that. This makes the digital point-and-shoot camera very convenient. It is ideal for taking on vacation when you don’t want to carry things around or any other time you don’t want to take anything heavy with you. Trust me, I would much rather have had a point-and-shoot digital camera with me, than the DSLR I carried around, last time I went to Disney.

However, in the other hand, the point-and-shoot camera’s advantage in size also becomes one of the disadvantages. Because the cameras are so small, the flash is usually very close to the lens. This causes redeye to be a serious problem with many small point-and-shoot digital cameras.

For practical, the digital point-and-shoot camera is more than capable to everyday photography at the current time. If you find yourself photographing action or any type of sports photography, using a digital single lens reflex camera is nearly a requirement. If you are looking for the absolute best image quality, again the digital single lens reflex is your choice. If very looking for something small, and easy to carry, a compact point-and-shoot digital camera will make life a lot easier.

In fact, there is no perfect digital camera and there is no one for all purposes. That is said you can never find a camera (http://www.pickegg.com/wholesale/digital-camera/) that perfect for all your purposes. You can choose to buy both of these two type of cameras. This is the ideally action, you can have a point-and-shoot digital camera for the everyday pictures, while a single lens reflex digital camera for the serious work. However, the ideal just an ideal, which is not always possible, so you may need to decide what, is the most things you plan to do with your camera, then choose the camera which is best suited for that purpose.

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