The integrated camera application and defects

by 王馬文

Compared with the traditional camera, integrated camera compact, beautiful, with easy installation advantages, its power, video, control signals are directly jack, unlike conventional cameras have complex cable. Integrated camera imaging system (lens), CCD, DSP technology patents are internationally renowned manufacturers mastered relatively conventional cameras, the quality can be better controlled. Meanwhile, the integration of a wide range of surveillance cameras, high cost. Traditional camera positioning system is not flexible enough, most need manual focus, but the biggest advantage is the integrated camera with auto-focus function. Good waterproof function is also integrated one of the features of the camera, integrated camera compartment has a waterproof exterior, while the traditional needs and PTZ cameras, protective cover before they can reach the water with the use of the function, now more specifically for water Under the diving operation to develop integrated camera. For the life of the camera, some manufacturers believe that the integration of the camera lens is good airtight case affected the external environment than conventional cameras smaller, longer life; while the other part of the manufacturers believe that the traditional camera lens is external, the camera itself no mechanical device, the lens can replace the bad, the camera will not affect the performance of the camera itself, and integrated camera’s built-in telescopic lens wear body process will therefore contrast, the integration of the camera shorter life than conventional cameras; but the common view is that life with the manufacturers of related technologies integrated camera, regardless of one machine or the traditional box camera, life components are constructed by the camera itself, the production process (such as waterproof, anti- dust, moisture and other properties), the installation environment (such as voltage, temperature, humidity, etc.) impact. Generally speaking, a good product life is 5-10 years, 5-10 years after the fact will certainly be a new alternative products appear, so long as not too poor product technology, life in general will not be great problems.
However, integration of the camera will be some common problems in the course, the first is the focal point of the offset issue, box camera body and lens combination of mainly two parts together, to achieve its performance depends on the body and lens The perfect match. In monitoring the project, or if the lack of professional ability of users to construction workers, the camera and lens with the unreasonable, it will affect the performance of the camera. In security applications, most users manual focus lens, manual focus however is dependent on the human eye visual inspection and manual adjustment of its inefficiency, unsatisfactory accuracy. In addition, Box Camera susceptible moisture, vibration, thermal expansion and contraction and other environmental factors interfere in use for some time, prone to shift the focal point of the camera image blur caused by instability, rapid aging and other issues. As the camera image sensor and the difference between the target surface is not flat after different lens focal length, so the box camera back focus (the focus) adjustment technique has been fixed box camera manufacturers need to focus on research and development of technology.Early back focus adjustment method is mainly the focus back focus adjustment ring + way locking screw locking screw after repeated adjustment very easy to damage the threaded adjustment ring, stabilized affect coke; Another way is self-locking bevel an adjustment mechanism, usually plastic materials, in extreme environments because thermal expansion and contraction may cause the coke out of focus. In addition, some of the new approach is to use a more sophisticated and reliable thread focusing mechanism, but in the cost of inputs mold manufacturers will be more. For a period of time after the bolt out of focus problems, users and vendors have solutions. User (or contractors) are usually only send technical personnel to the scene to deal with, on the front-end network monitoring equipment in terms of monitoring the distribution of distant, which will greatly enhance the monitoring and maintenance costs;while a few manufacturers are adding electronic camera back focus adjustment mechanism,but no doubt also increase the cost of the camera.
Whether users or manufacturers are trying day and night cameras are able to bring the same excellent quality. In order to achieve all-weather surveillance, in addition to expect high-sensitivity image sensor sensitivity, manufacturers had to use various means to enhance the image quality under low-light environments. Such as using double day and night IR cut filter is automatically switching mechanism, color to black, 3D digital noise reduction, digital wide dynamic image enhancement techniques.However, both products will be most marked up the value of low illumination at night and during the day to monitor the effect are still some gaps, in order to get a clear picture of the scene need to fill light (white light, ordinary infrared or laser night vision). On the box camera, the lens for the camera illumination effects are also important, megapixels HD ip cameras except megapixels should choose the appropriate lens design and coating lenses bend light rate should also comply with the appropriate standards. Of course, low-light environments with outstanding performance image sensor, coupled with stable and reliable filter mechanism, outside with a good lens, coupled with excellent image enhancement algorithm, which is a good box camera products need to have elements, but these are not low-priced products can bear. Now use the camera lens on the market a lot of gun-type automatic iris manual zoom type, focal length of a few millimeters to tens of millimeters, the focal length needs to be adjusted and locked in place at the time of installation. So box camera usually only used in a limited scope of monitoring situations, such as indoors, corridor, parking lot entrances and other monitoring position relative to a fixed place. Of course, the box camera can also employ electric zoom lens, but the power of the lens of complex, high production costs, so the current power of the lens on the market are more expensive. Lens manufacturers use lenses strict selection, using techniques commonly used in the aerospace alloy material, the use of high-precision CNC machine disposable processing, lens and lens mount connector part is tightening the locking ring and other ways to improve the stability of the camera. This lens is typically used forest environment and fire monitoring, border control and other special occasions, the average user is hardly universal. In addition, due to network latency problem, manually bring the power zoom control secondary focus is undoubtedly a major problem.

Camera applications in many fields for the development of roads integrated camera pointed out the direction,no real-time monitoring mode will involve all sectors,then the unique advantages of the integrated camera will be fully exploited.
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