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The JRod Retailer is a supplier of custom produced DSLR (digital single lens reflex) and compact video camera accessory mounts. The function of these high good quality mounts is to permit multiple devices to be mounted on the cameras, with the goal of maintaining the camera as modest and light as feasible. Some accessories that can be added are microphones, wireless receivers, audio recorders,video lights, and field monitors. At thejrodstore.com there is also a choice of merchandise to compliment the custom mounts, such as audio cables, recorders, camera bags, and other mounting alternatives and adapters to resolve hard shooting situations. There are three custom mounts on the internet site: 1.The J-Cube, made to mount on a “hot shoe” and give three mounting points. two.The SSTM which replaces the mic clamp on a Sony EX1 and EX3 camera with a much stronger and versatile mount. three. The Original J-Rod Twin, which mounts in the microphone clamp on any video camera, and provides the videographer two mounting points for a mic and a radio receiver. All of The J-Rod mounts are made of anodized aluminum that is sturdy and light.

Site Owner Jeff Rhode describes the newest mounting resolution from The JRod Store, The J-Cube: I have a brand new bracket known as The J-Rod CUBE which will permit a microphone and a radio receiver to be mounted on your camera and leave a shoe open for an audio recorder, light, flash, tough disc, or further receiver. I am really excited about this mount, and think is a excellent solution for a mounting issue that several folks have. This is an awesome resolution for HDSLR cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II, 1D MkIV, 7D, Rebel T1i, Rebel XSi, Nikon D300, D3S, or D90. Furthermore if you have a video camera such as the Canon GL1, GL2, or the Sony FX1 or VX2100 that has a shoe mount, but no mic clamp, this is for you!

Please check out The Jrod Store at www.thejrodstore.com
Check out the testimonials IndieV.org : Last year when I was searching for a wireless mount remedy for my pair of Sennheiser G2s I came across and reviewed the J-Rod. Because then, the J-Rod has verified handy on numerous occasions. Something that needed a wireless mount plus onboard camera light known as for the J-Rod which was quite much every wedding and corporate gig I’ve completed.

Quick forward to now, Jeff has developed an additional mounting answer known as the J-Rod Cube. For simplicity sake, I am just going to get in touch with it the J-Cube (why did not you contact it this?). The J-Cube improves upon the J-Rod in a number of ways. Firstly it doesn’t call for a microphone mount to function so it can perform on anything with a hotshoe holder.

This is especially handy for the new breed of DSLR video cameras out there that regardless of the amazing pictures they create, record pretty crap onboard sound. The J-Cube allows you to mount a Zoom H4n or equivalent recording device to your camera plus a couple of wireless mic packs that would turn any DSLR into a production prepared tool. I do not own a Zoom yet but I’ve mounted a couple of G2′s plus an on-camera light to my 7D to show you how a lot stuff you can add to your camera.

The J-Rod is utilised by video journalists at Raycom Media, NBC Universal, CNN, The Star-Ledger, The Dallas Morning News, The Washington Post, Detroit Totally free Press, WTKR News (Norfalk, VA) and film crews in over 30 nations.
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There are two quite critical charites that each deal with the plight of children. Please verify out The Heart Gallery and Do1Thing to homeless teens and foster young children. Internet site owner Jeff Rhode worked as Director of Production on The Heart Gallery and Videographer on Do1Thing.

I am internet site owner and inventor Jeff Rhode. 5 years ago I invented my first accessory mount under the name The J-Rod. In the years that followed I invented 3 more mounts for DSLR and video cameras, which includes The J-Cube and EX Mount. Please check them out at http://www.thejrodstore.com and http://www.thej-rod.com
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