The Process Of Designing Your Boy’s First Birthday Photo Invitations

by Daniel Pietzsch

Your son’s first year since birth has just flown past without you even realizing it. You want to do your best for your angel’s first birthday party. And the plan for every birthday party inevitably starts with the invitations. As is the pattern these days, photo invitations are way better than just plain text invitations. Here we will see how you would go about making your boy’s first birthday photo invitations.

There are really a lot of options available for photo invitations for you to choose from. The problem is which one of the zillions of designs do you choose? If you can gather a few things, you’ll somewhat easily arrive at the answer. First of all, what theme have you decided on for the birthday party? The photo invitation design will depend largely on that theme.

For instance, you can have a dinosaur theme, which is very popular with children. Else, you can also have a party theme on animals (mostly farm animals) that your child can relate to very easily. If you have decided on the latter theme for instance, you can have photo invitations designed with your child’s photo in the midst of all the animals, just for fun.

After the theme, comes the choice of your son’s photo itself. The choice of photo is of course, even more important than the theme. You can hire the services of a professional photographer for this. An experienced photographer will be able to create the right mood and hence get the right expression for the photo. He will also take the photo in ways which will suite the photo invitations.

On the other hand, you can also use a photo that you have recently taken on an outing or with your child playing inside the house. Personally, I would go with the second option, since you will surely have many photos taken of your boy during the past year. It will be easy to pick the best and cutest out of them for using in your boy’s first birthday photo invitations.

Having chosen photo, all you now need is a PC with software for designing invitations such as MS Publisher. If you have a Mac, you can use Pages. Both of these will be able to give you some templates for invitation design. Changing photos is also very easy and you can add text alongside the photos or even inside the photos as you desire.

Even if you can’t come up with unique wordings for the invitations, the software will be able to help you out with that. You would just need to provide some keywords and the software will create all the wordings you need to print on the photo invitations. If you don’t have such software installed on your PC or Mac, you can also delegate the job to some professional.

Creating your boy’s first birthday photo invitations can be really challenging because you want things to be perfect for a very special occasion. At the same time, it can also be a very fun experience for you and your family.

When it comes to celebrating your son’s first milestone birthday, choose first birthday photo invitations for boys, to make it an occasion to remember. At firstbirthdayphotoinvitations.com, there are first birthday photo invitations for every taste.
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