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by Noelas

The new offering from Canon, the EOS 500D, hit the marketplace in March 2009. It is deemed an ideal camera for any photographer. Its Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) feature is light and compact with a splendid combination of must-have features that includes total video features in High Definition.

This Canon dream camera uses its in-house CMOS technology that has been established as the industry standard to reduce image noise and minimize the amount of power consumed besides increasing the frame rate. The captured image is processed by its in-house developed DIGIC 4 image processors and later stored in the camera’s memory card. The DIGIC technology in the Canon EOS 500D uses sophisticated algorithms for image processing that results in accurate white balance and precise coloring images with a reduced noise level. The Canon EOS 500D responds quickly to its tasks with a prompt start-up that is attributed to the impressive high processing speeds of the DIGIC processors. Continuous snapshot are made possible with this high speed device to generate satisfactory quality images.

Aside from the CMOS and DIGIC technology working together, the EOS 500D Canon has an integrated cleaning system that reduces, repels and removes sensor dust to preserve image quality. Canon also includes an internal dust delete data system into the EOS class, which automatically deletes visible dust on the sensors using the latest photo-editing software, Digital Photo Professional.

Besides these outstanding features, this new offering of Canon 500D EOS is also equipped for full movie recording with HD resolution. The CMOS sensor works together with the DIGIC technology to permit the shooting of videos in various pixel counts, such as 1920 x 1080 at 20 fps and 1280 x 720 at 30 fps; you may even have a third option of 640 x 480 at 40 fps. This delightful DSLR camera allows about 30 minutes video shooting to a maximum of 4GB file in Quick-time MOV mode. The Canon EOS 500D camera’s full HD feature is more than the expected 720p that is offered in other similar HD devices. Attached on is the full functioning HDMI link that allows movies to be played back or reviews images on your choice of HDTV.

Alternatively, you can view the movies or images on the EOS Canon 500D’s Clear View 3.0-inch LCD screen. This new offering from Canon offers a wide angle of 170 degrees in various environments because of the unique double layers of anti-reflective coating. Users do not need to worry about shooting good images positioned awkwardly.

With every Canon EOS 500D review you read, you’ll find more reason to visit the nearest camera shop. It’s time you enjoy a world-class photography experience with the Canon EOS 500D.

A canon eos 500d is an very good total package camera. This camera is for beginners, and professionals alike. The great thing about the canon eos 500 is that it can do pretty much anything you are trying to find in a camera.

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