The Samsung Pixon Now In Pink

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by Mariam S

Samsumg have taken the cell phone business by storm over the last couple of years. They have introduced a number of award-winning phones and have also introduced phones with style and fashion as well as technologically outstanding.

Once the phone is the Samsung Pixon M8800 pink edition which comes with an 8 megapixel camera. It is one of the slimmest 8 megapixel cameras phones on the market today and comes with features like auto focus, (ASR) or advanced shake reduction, face detection, panorama shot, smile shot, an accelerometer, macro mode and also comes with the incomparable geo tagging attribute. I’m not sure if this will ever replace the DSLR camera both will definitely appeal to professional photographers who like to have a small compact camera in their pocket for those moments where a quick reaction to take a photograph is called upon.

It also comes with a GPS receiver which together with the geo tagging can help you assign shooting coordinates to each of your photographs. To view your photos on the camera you can use the 3.2 inch touchscreen which can be used to easily zoom in and out so you can get a sense of the quality of the picture.

One particular feature I like on the Pixon is the advanced shake reduction. This has always been a favorite of mine with some of the latest cameras as many of us tend to have some sort of movement when taking photographs it can also be useful in windy conditions when you have no control over movement. It also comes with an extra features that help you get a sharper picture in any conditions for example at night, snow or at the beach. It comes with a double LED flash which can be set to automatically come on depending on the lighting conditions.

As this is a touchscreen phone the Pixon is quite easy to use and functionality wise I have found the menu system really simple with its pull and drop functions. To help you in also comes with a stylus which can work with the hand writing recognition application, personally I do not use this that much and have not use many others still cannot confirm if this is good or not. Clicking on applications and around the menu can be quite easily done, all of you needs to do is swipe the screen and select your chosen application whether this is your contacts, Internet browser, games or any of the many applications that comes pre-installed with the phone.

Overall the Pixon is a really nice slim, stylish and functional cell phone the fact that it comes with an eight megapixel camera that can take a quality photographs is an added bonus. The look and feel of the phone in your hand is quite nice. The fact that it is now available in pink should appeal to the female audience.

Mark Dunne is a writer providing advice on LG GD900 if you have time drop by his site for some tips and information.

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