The Technological Evolution In Digital Camera Photo Sharing

by diemaciel

Digital camera photo sharing has empowered the average person to create their own pictures. With technology rapidly changing, options now exist to keep the photography printing at home instead of having to wait weeks and sometimes even months to get their precious pictures.

The downside with digital camera photo sharing is that photo labs are having to change their tactics to keep up with the new demand.

One demand being placed on labs is to offer a quick photo printer. These new photo printers are easy to use, and the type of media that can be used to print pictures is greatly varied. With digital cameras, usually a form of a memory card is needed to store images on.

However, if a person does not want to take their memory card into a store, than they can make copies on a CD and bring it to the photo printer and quickly have pictures printed.

Before printing, the picture will be previewed, and size and images can be chosen at that time. The prints will be more expensive than what one would normally pay for if the lab printed their pictures.

Digital camera photo sharing technology has made the photo lab personnel drastically decrease. Since the demand for lab printed pictures is less, the need for lab photo personnel is almost non-existent. However, personnel are still needed to help man the new photography printing machines.

Another reason that personnel are needed is for offering photography tips to customers. Some of the best tips will come from a photo lab associate since they have experience with many different forms of photography.

One reason that it has become so popular is the internet. If a person has a digital camera and a computer, not only can they print their own pictures, but they can also send pictures easily to family and friends.

Then that person can burn a CD and take it to their local photo lab. Or if this is not an option, a person can send the pictures to most photo labs via the net, and then they can be picked up. The options are endless when it comes to digital photos.

Digital camera photo sharing is a wonderful technological revolution to be in the midst of. By being able to print pictures at home, consumers are having to make less trips to their local Wal-Mart photo lab.

This is causing the photo associates to have to come with inventive ways to secure their jobs. By learning new technology, they can offer consumers photo tips and assistance with operating the new machines that can print their photos from their CD’s or memory cards.

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