The Unbiased Olympus XZ-1 Review

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The thing you need to need to think about when you are considering getting a new digital camera like the Olympus XZ-1 is what kind of device you should get. There are digital SLR cameras, and there are compact, point and shoot devices. Each type of digital photography has their pros and cons. With digital SLR cameras or DSLR, you can get quality, professional looking photographs without actually needing to know anything about photography. The camera actually does most of the work for you in many cases. With compact, point and shoot digital cameras you get a small device that will most likely fit in your pocket. The issue is their technology simply isn’t as good as DSLR’s.

When you first look at the Olympus XZ-1, it looks a little bulky, kind of like what you would expect with a digital SLR. However, this is a compact camera that shares some similarities with the higher-end models because it is capable of zooming in close and taking quality, crisp pictures in low-light situations. The other important aspect of this device that you’ll definitely notice is the price. At right around $ 500, this is not a cheap piece of electronics.

As usual, you can expect the popular and increasingly standard features like image stabilization, movie mode, a flash, self timer and auto focus. Gone are the days when you actually have to mess with the lens to get a clear looking picture.

When we finally got our hands on this quality camera, we first noticed how nicely it fit in our hands. We have fairly large hands, so to fact that it accommodates larger hands is a plus because many manufacturers of cameras seem to forget that demographic. Turning on the camera and immediately zooming and focusing on your subject is quick, very quick. In a matter of seconds, we whipped out the camera and took a picture of a deer across of the reservoir with ease.

At the end of our Olympus XZ-1 review, we were satisfied to say the least. We loved working with this camera because of all of the features located within the software. The three inch screen is very easy to use, understand and put into action when you need it. The only downfall we truly saw with this camera is that in low-light it can take a second or two to get focused correctly. With that said, once it did focus it produced excellent pictures that will last a lifetime.

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