Three Easy Steps To Video Marketing Success

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Video has been available over the Internet for more than a decade, but it has not been until recently that technology has made it possible for web users to view it. Today, video is one of the most effective and compelling forms of marketing on the Internet.

With the removal of major technological roadblocks in both video production and distribution, web marketers are able to use this tool to sell their products and services very economically.

How Does It Work?
Creating a sales video and showing it to potential customers is old school marketing. It still works and you should consider using it in your marketing mix, but you can do so much more with video on the Internet.

People who use video on the Internet to market their products and services use it in many different ways. They use it:

To demonstrate their product or service
For testimonials
To educate their prospects
To rank high in the search engines
To rank quickly in the search engines
To take multiple spots on the search engine results page
To drive potential customers back to their website

The Video Marketing Process is a simple three-step process. Here’s how it works.

1. Create a short video for distribution
The first step is to create a video with the knowledge that it will be hosted on multiple video websites. The purpose of this video is to drive viewers from these multiple sites, back to your website where you can promote your product or service. You can do this by adding a text link to the bottom third of your video and giving your viewers a reason to visit your site after they’ve watched your video.

2. Upload your video to multiple video hosting sites
Once you’ve created your video, upload it to multiple video hosting websites. Some of these sites include YouTube, Google Video, VEOH, Daily Motion and many other sites. You’re looking for exposure. The more sites that host your video, the more people are going to see it.

3. Add a keyword rich description to your video
After your video is uploaded to each of the sites, you’ll be given an opportunity to title it, describe it, place it in the appropriate category and tag it. Doing this correctly is the most important thing you can do to insure the people who are interested in it can easily find your video. Without this information, the search engines have no way of knowing how to categorize your video in their database. And, if they don’t categorize it properly, your potential viewers will not be able to find it or watch it.

By following this simple one, two, three method, you will have your video on multiple video sites. Each of these sites will drive interested visitors back to your website where you can further promote your products and services.

Better yet, if you title and tag your video properly, you will also find that it will appear multiple times in the search engines for your keywords. This is the real magic of video marketing.

Bob Sommers works full time doing Internet Marketing in Hawaii. Join Bob and learn how to get customers to your site through Hawaii SEO, Article Marketing, Video Marketing and more.

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