Top 5 Astonishing Points Why You Need to Use a Canon 5D-7D Digital camera

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by CJS*64 “Man with a camera”

Everything began 2 years ago, when Canon launched the EOS 5D Mark II, the world’s first Digital SLR with a 1080p video performance.

1 year later and the 5D was a huge victory, prompting Canon to release the follow-up 7D, which quite a few users tend to prefer thanks to its easier-to-use video performance, plus the benefit of slow-motion functionality.

Now, Canon has also presented the 550D, with various top manufacturers (such as Nikon) following suit, by producing comparable DSLRs that shoot excellent quality video. It may possibly seem a little ironic, but the future of video development might possibly be in these cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible “stills” cameras.

If you would like to make one of the most out of your shoots, I’d highly suggest trying the Canon 5D / 7D. Shown below are the 5 causes why you need to use a Canon 5D-7D Camera:

1) Image High quality and Color – The cameras record full HD, 1080p, at a range of frame rates (such as slow-motion around the 7D). The Canon 5D and 7D assortment also handles color (without grading or color correction) fantastically well. When compared with Sony’s EX CAM variety or Canon’s personal XL cameras, the color is additional filmic and considerably much less ‘video’. This is as a result of many factors including the camera’s “Multiple Picture Styles” operate, which allows the user to match the color fashion to the subject, as very well because the camera’s superb resolution and Full Frame sensor.

Its advanced quality also indicates it could be used for greater end deliveries, such as TV, all at a fraction from the expense of shooting Digi-Beta or HDCAM. Although technically speaking, the quality of the DSLR’s isn’t very as higher as a Digi-Beta, HDCAM or RED, the price tag of shooting about the 5D/7D is also substantially less, providing extraordinary value for money.

2) Size – The small, lightweight Digital SLRs are a lot more unobtrusive than larger format digital cameras. They provide unobtrusive remedies for documentary fashion shoots and urban film-making, helping you to get a lot more natural outcomes from allies and high quality shots from hard to reach areas or unconventional aspects.

3) Cost – The 5D and 7D come at just a fraction from the expense of several HD video cameras out there, including Sony’s EX variety. Though DSLRs do not have really the same user-friendliness as professional video cameras, this is an exceptionally small price to pay for the great image quality they offer.

4) Interchangeable Lenses – Having this type of wide variety of interchangeable lenses on hand, implies that Canon’s DSLR assortment – both the 5D and the 7D – is properly suited to a wide range of difficult shooting conditions and deliver an array of types. Regardless of whether you require a shallow or deep depth of field, the lenses these cameras are compatible with can almost produce an alternative, producing more effective outcomes than the majority of standard lenses offered with HD videos cameras, for instance the Sony EX3.

5) Terrific Pictures – The 5D and 7D also shoot fabulous photos. In their own right, they are widely viewed among essentially the most versatile and very best Digital SLRs presently available around the market.

So these are just 5 good reasons to use a Canon 5D MK II or 7D on your next video production shoot.

No matter if it is a painless piece-to-camera for a site, a music video or for a TV commercial, there’s no excuse for your video, to not look just like a film.

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