Top 5 Reasons To Have A Photo Booth At Your Wedding

by diemaciel

Having a photo booth at your wedding reception has become a very popular way to add even more entertainment to your ‘once in a lifetime’ celebration. They inject a lot of quirky fun into the festivities, and make even more wonderful memories for you to take away from your special day.

The spontaneous nature of people at a celebration can make for some photos that will give a whole different perspective of your wedding, than the one you will get from the formal wedding photographer. It is definitely twice as nice to have both types of photos to share, and to look back at in the future.

Here are the top 5 reasons to consider a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

1. A photo booth is a great way to incorporate more activities into your wedding reception. They can be used for photo contests and other games. You can use props, costumes and signs to make your photos more special.

2.Photo’s make fabulous party favors for guests to take with them. When you use a photo booth, it easy to mix, match and swap photos among family and friends. You can also print multiple copies so that everyone gets their favorite.

3. A wedding and reception are a place where you see extended family, old friends and others whom you normally rarely see. A Photo Booth lets you truly capture those people, their personalities and the great time that they are having at your special event. Those are lifetime memories that you will want to save.

4. A photo booth offers you so many options for the photos, from photo strips that are graphically designed, to custom scrapbooks and online scrapbooks to share on Facebook and your other social networks.

5. A photo booth is convenient. They will deliver, set-up and remove the photo booth after the festivities are over. They will leave a competent staff member with you so that your guests can receive any assistance they need when using the photo booth. You can request props and costumes or create your own.

It is hard to imagine how a photo booth could be so much fun or add so much to your wedding reception. When the champagne and sweets start to flow, silly fun and giddy behavior is bound to follow. Why not capture it all in photos at the same time you are giving your guests a way to use their creativity to leave you some truly precious memories of your most important day?

There is a reason why adding a photo booth to your wedding or event is one of the very best ideas for weddings today. It really takes your celebration to the next level and provides lifelong remembrances for you and the family and friends who have shared this special day with you. The photo booth shows that your personality has a spirit of adventure and fun that you like to share with others, even on serious occasions. Your wedding guests will think that your wedding is the best one they have ever been to.

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